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Who are you?

Chris Pemberton is a qualified electrician, professional street photographer and a creative mind who was born in Auckland, New Zealand and spent much of his childhood in the suburb of Mt Eden.

Since leaving school, Chris has worked as an electrician, art curator, artist, photographer and blogger. He also enjoys the creative process behind fiction writing and sharing thoughts and inspiration through non-fiction works. His first non-fiction book, The Creative Soul, will be available to pre-order during his upcoming exhibition call Creative Mirror, where artists and 'non-artists' from across the world discuss what creativity means to them and where they believe ideas come from.
In his spare time Chris works on meditation techniques for creative ideas, while indulging in his passion for street photography and meeting interesting people in the process.
He also loves to travel and among his many adventures he has drunk ayahuasca in the Sacrad Valley and trained in Japan to achieve his Judo black belt.
As far as the future is concerned, Chris desire is to continue to make impressive and ambitious art and inspire others to do the same, no matter what form it takes.
You can see what Chris is doing at his website at crispcreative.com or contact him at chris@crispcreative.club

What is your industry?

Education and Universities

What do you need?

THE CREATIVE SOUL -Improve life creatively-

A book to inspire creatives and 'non-creatives' to improve life through idea creation and creative practices. The Author shares his experiences to help show how beneficial utilising both sides of your brain can be. Creativity can be explained with neuroscience and psychology and Chris touches on these subjects but ultimately Idea creation can be best laid out in a spiritual plane.

Who Is Your Audience?

Artists, Creative People, People wanting to be more creative with their life. People wanting to increase their meditation skills.


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I really like the man with a white shirt with Hippie wristband and chest exploding with colour. attatchment: 'transparent background...'

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But then I also like the way the colour explosion coming from the chest of the business man interacts with the title in the attatchment 'sketch'

So maybe you could take the white shirt image which I have rights to and make the colour explosion interact with the title somehow?

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A creative explosion but at the same time minimalistic. How about that for a challenge!?



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