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Pallamary Publishing is a small Florida based firm. The target for this book is literary - older adults from 34 and up, though the young people who read Pete like his authentic realism.



The author is R. L. "Pete" Peterson. The book will be published in the United States. It is a collection of 8 short stories - most of them previously published, frequently set in the Missouri Ozarks of the 1950's.
After Midnight: A Short Story Collection
These 8 stories take the reader on a journey to yesteryear that speaks of issues as fresh as tomorrow’s headlines. Written by Legacy Storyteller, Pete Peterson, and published by Pallamary Publishing, we meet Hamus Zanderhook, badly scarred by the house fire that ate Baby Sister alive and turned Pap into a black cinder. Hamus’ passion is when he picks up “My banjo, folks will want to dance and be happy.” Set in the Missouri Ozarks of late 1930’s we follow him from steamy honkytonks to the stage of Grand Ole Opry, to a Hooverville where street urchins beg for food and forgotten families strive to make it through just one more day - a haunting vision of America that illuminates today’s society.
“In Winner Take All,” 44-year-old, bare-knuckle champion Ryman Call fights for something more valuable than money. In “The Food Thief,” neglected Jeremy Holt steals food to feed his hunger, and not just for food, while older sister Josephine sets idle on the back porch since her return from St. Louis endlessly toying with her ruby necklace and matching earrings, harboring a terrible secret.
In “Summer Slave” orphan Art Carr starts what he hopes is his last year as a unpaid laborer on a Missouri farm. When he rescues beautiful Fatima from drowning, a new take on forgiveness, love, and redemption emerges, making the reader question old values. In ‘Rivers to Cross” San Francisco-native Samantha climbs hills and wades rivers to visit her father’s grave - a father she’s never seen and whose name she just learned - a Marine killed in Vietnam - yet who begs for forgiveness from his lonely grave. In the much-acclaimed “Rules for Dying” we watch the flag go up each morning at Rosecrans National Cemetery as Mike and his crew maintain the graves of deceased veterans and a mysterious young widow proves that loyalty, love and human compassion can open doors to a new life.

“After Midnight” the title story, puts us in a ring-side seat at a bare-fist fight between the black champ and the indomitable Ryman Call. Defense plant workers skip meals to see this battle, drink beer, eat fried chicken and watch the blood flow, as Hamus faces his greatest fear and Ryman runs smack into his life’s choices, the final outcome determined by a .38 caliber pistol.

The stories in this collection are gentle as a punch in the gut, as subtle as a slug of morning bourbon. Some enthrall, some educate, all entertain, revealing a little known, yet vibrant America that opens windows on the struggles of today.


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Peterson (on spine) with the publisher's logo. The Title: After Midnight (larger font center on front cover. A Short Story Collection (Smaller font on second line under title.) An illustration - for example: Bird's eye view of an older - non-descript pickup truck driving with yellow headlights cutting through the darkness perhaps going toward a wooded area. Publisher's logo at bottom left of cover.

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It should convey a sense of urgency or danger balanced by a sense of hope - as in what comes next.

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