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The Insitute for Creative Development is a non-profit think tank and center for advanced leadership training. Its task is to help address the critical challenges ahead for us as a species.



Title -- Rethinking How We Think: Integrative Meta-Perspective and the Cognitive “Growing Up” On Which Ou Future Depends

Back Cover Description -- Look closely at any of the most critical questions ahead for the species and we find an easily unsettling common theme. Not only do usual answers fail us, usual ways of thinking fail us. Essential challenges of every sort are requiring not just fresh insights, but whole new, more mature and systemic, ways of understanding.

In this short book, one of today’s most respected social innovators addresses what makes needed new ways of understanding new and why they are inescapably important. He also addresses how new ways of thinking can be practiced and how, when we are ready for them, they feel like common sense. Rethinking How We Think explores the conceptual underpinnings of the future’s needed new common sense.

Author -- Charles M. Johnston MD. Dr Johnston is a psychiatrist futurist and auhor of numerous books on the future and what it asks of us. (Full desciption to follow when needed.)

Publisher: ICDPrees



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Abstract, Organic, Economical, Mature, Serious, Feminine, Minimal, Modern
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Obviously title, subtitle and author's name on front. ICDPress bug on spine and back. Content above on back.

I am open to cover image suggestions, but I am also pretty sure of the basic image we will want to draw on. The image of a box of crayons communicates the kind of systemic thinking the book is about in surprisingly effective ways. I often use is as a metaphor in the text. I suspect having a box of crayons as the main image -- either open with just the tips of the crayons showing, or with some of the crayons part was out of the box or scattered about -- would work well if we get the text to work with it appropriately.

(By way of explanation if you have interest: Most systemic thinking is engineering, machine model, thinking. The concern of this book is the kind of systemic thinking needed to address living systems, and even more specifically, human systems. A box of crayons captures both the inclusiveness of such systemic thinking, and how it necessarily draws on the deep -- multi-hued- complexity of how human cognition works.)

If we end up using the box of crayons image, we would want to have an arrow pointing toward the box with the words “Integrative Meta-Perspective” and a bracket capturing the crayons with the words “Ideological Perspectives.” (Probably having the crayons pointed somewhat downward would work best, but I am open to your creativity.)

ICDPress tends toward an esthetic with its covers that is at once creative and sophisticated. I’ve included copies of our most recent covers to help give a sense for the general feel. As far as colors, given the “all-the crayons-in-the box” message, in some way, whatever the image, the cover will likely draw on a broad spectrum. I could image a light or a dark background working equally well depending on the approach.

Top 3 Things

At once creative and sophisticatee/professional esthetic. Need it to read clearly as an on-line image -- so simplisity can be a plus. Again, previous covers provide example of general esthetic, but don't let them limit you.

Additional Info

More about the Insitute's work and other ICDPress publications can be found at www.creativesystems.org



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