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Who are you?

A British ex Royal Marine who served in Helmand, Afghanistan This is my first book a true story of my account serving in a commando unit in Afghanistan in 2011, followed by an amazing psychedelic journey deep in the jungle of the Amazon. This journey had a redemptive aspect to it and the outcome were deep spiritual feelings, a journey that has made me happier more creative and in better in tune with nature. The time in the Amazon was spent consuming a powerful hallucinogenic Indian brew called ayahausuca - revered as a sacred healing plant medicine by the indigenous people of the Amazon, along the way I met many fascinating people and experienced several truly magical events.
I am aged 46 and happily married with two children. I have left the military and now work in the IT industry.

What is your industry?

Software and InfoTech

What do you need?

I need help with the design of a book cover. The book is in two parts first about Afghanistan second part in the Amazon. I would like a military theme on the cover overlaid/integrated/merged with the a psychedelic theme. A fractal or geometric patterning of some kind of laying the military theme would be good. The back cover needs designing too.

Who Is Your Audience?

This book is not just for military people or people who take psychedelics. There are millions of men, particularly those on lower incomes, who swear and curse, who would lay down their lives for families they dearly love. They spend half their lives in unfulfilling careers the very same men who are still attracted to adventure and hedonism, seeking answers to the greatest of the life defining questions. These are the men I am writing for.


We Like These Examples

I am receptive to all ideas.

We Absolutely Must Have

1. Something representing a combat marine's experience in war - ideally a Royal Marine Commando because that was my military unit.

2. Some sort of psychedelic/geometric twist or style

3. Underneath the book title The psychedelic Marine it should say
From Afghanistan to the Amazon - an awakening. Alex Seymour



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