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I need a book cover for a fictional novel. The novel is 202 pages in 5 x 8 inch dimensions. It would be classified as literary fiction with touches of spirituality, magical realism, esotericism, adult adventure, romance, faith-based, conspiracy theory, the paranormal and supernatural.I would like a cover that illustrates spirituality, a higher calling into outer space (aliens, UFOs, the supernatural and paranormal, consciousness, love etc.) after human loss and pain on this earth. The book is about hope in the unknown (instead of fear).

The book description (to be placed on the back book cover) is as follows:

Addam is on journey to find himself on the road in the far reaches of the Rocky Mountains after losing his son in a car accident and being divorced by his wife. He explores Wyoming and Colorados stunning nature, digging deeper into the supernatural and paranormal that the geography offers so that he could find answers to his new purpose in life. And find answers to his own mysterious nature.

He meets a Christian single mother who he falls in love with. Together, they travel through the wondrous spectrum of emotion, sensory exploration, consciousness, and theories that most conspiracy theorists attest to. As they begin to perceive things out of the ordinary, they believe they have a higher calling in the town of Crestone, Colorado. There, a deeper spiritual sense arises. Both transcend their souls, and both discover they have been put on this Earth for a purpose.

Who Is Your Audience?

The audience would be young adult but mostly adult. There are a lot of references to esotericism, conspiracy theories, negative blood types, Christian faith, miracles, angels, extraterrestrials, multidimensions, faith in oneself, and the picaresque using the geography and nature of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.


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