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I´m a 40-year-old husband and father. This is my first book, a personal memoir about my most intense and sad year, but my most satisfying one as well. The target audience are parents that have lost a baby during pregnancy or shortly after being born, as well as families who have dealt with the birth or departure of a premature baby. The book is also targeted to people who wish to explore the transformational power of a gratitude journal in the search for happiness.



I need the full cover for a CreateSpace paperback book AND Kindle e-book. The paperback contains approximately 165 pages.

About the book:
Early in 2016, I lost a premature baby shortly after birth. That same year, our next baby, was born extremely premature as well. He had a successful fight for his life after spending three months in the neonatal intensive care unit. Despite the emotional and physical challenges within a tough year for myself and my marriage, we coped with our loss and unfortunate moments to find meaning and powerful lessons in them (about life, family, values and happiness). The story is built around a very simple gratitude journal, which as a coincidence, I had started two weeks before the loss of our first premature baby. I finished the year with 365 consecutive brief gratitude entries, one for each of those intense and uncertain, and yet, special and happy days. The gratitude journal was my platform for self-exploration and personal growth. The book honors the legacy that our baby angel left in our lives, despite being with us just one short day.

The book is in Spanish, however, the English translation of the title and subtitle are the following (provided in English just for reference):
A voyage of 365 days of gratitude


5.5 (w) x 8.5 (h) inches - see attached Cover Template reference

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Feminine, Abstract, Organic, Economical, Mature, Serious, Minimal, Modern
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1. FRONT should contain the author's name, book title, subtitle and the short summary provided:

Author: Luis Pedro Recinos V.
Subtitle: Una travesía de 365 días de gratitud
Short summary: La fugaz visita de su hijo prematuro muestra a un padre el poder transformador de un diario de agradecimientos en la búsqueda de la felicidad.

2. THE SPINE should contain the title and subtitle, and ideally the author name. All provided above.

3. BACK should contain the author's name and photo (attached), and the book summary text provided below. Must leave space for the ISBN barcode (see the attached Createspace book cover template).

Book summary:
El 14 de enero de 2016 fue un día devastador en la vida de Luis Pedro Recinos. Thiago, su tercer hijo, falleció ante sus ojos diecinueve horas después de haber nacido, con apenas 24 semanas de gestación.

Dos semanas antes, el joven padre se había propuesto escribir cada día, durante todo el año, una breve frase expresando agradecimiento por algún evento de su jornada. Tras su pérdida, estuvo a punto de suspender el emprendimiento que hasta ese momento había cumplido diligentemente. Sin embargo, una fuerza lo movió a encontrar en su dolor la razón para cumplir con su resolución y documentar por 365 días consecutivos un sentimiento de gratitud.

A lo largo de su travesía, Luis Pedro comprendió que no existen las casualidades y que la breve existencia de su bebé no solo lo preparó para la llegada de su cuarto hijo —también extremadamente prematuro, ese mismo año—, sino que lo llevó a reencontrarse con sus valores, a vivir con un propósito y a descubrir la felicidad en el poder transformador de un diario de agradecimientos.

El libro que escribió honra El legado de Thiago, su ángel guardián.

Top 3 Things

Inspiration, gratitude, compassion

Additional Info

Please show me at least 2 views: 1) front cover alone, 2) a flat layout of the back, spine and front. OPTIONAL: a 3-D view of the front and spine.

Attached is a sunrise picture I personally took as it has a significant meaning to the book story. But I'm flexible to different options to use it (or not).

Objects or themes related to the story (not strictly required): angel wings, balloon, butterfly, journal, music, sunrise, sunset

I don't want a full picture of a baby in the cover design.



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