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Business Info

Who are you?

I am author of a book about investments called "Story Investing"
My email is alexgavrish@yahoo.com

What is your industry?

Financial Services

What do you need?

I need to design a book cover. The book will be published through self-publishing company CreateSpace, so the cover should be according to their specifications.

- - - - -


The size of the book is 6" x 9" inch and it will have approximately 150 pages (I will provide the exact number of pages once the typesetting will be completed, in order to determine the width of the spine). The book will be on white paper and the instructions for spine width and size of the cover can be found here:

- - - - -


The front side of the cover should have the title of the book:
"Story Investing" - can be in capital letters of course, and name of the author (in capital letters "ALEX GAVRISH") at the bottom of the page.

- - - - -


The back cover of the book should have two paragraphs of text, which are below:

- - - - -


Investing is half science and half art. Everyone is focused on the science part. Research and analysis, data and information. Countless books have been written on how the valuation should be done. But how you can implement the art part of this equation in practice? How you can deal with ever-present uncertainty? Be creative in the research and come up with great investment ideas? Story Investing provides a conceptual framework for dealing with the art part. With this book, you will appreciate the power of narrative thinking, learn about techniques of great writers and storytellers, and apply these insights to investing.

- -


ALEX GAVRISH is a founder and CEO of Etalon Investment Research (www.etalon-ir.com), an investment research and management boutique that is focused on serving institutional as well as sophisticated individual investors. Alex was born and grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 18. He is author of the book Wall Street: Back to Basics, which shows how investors can achieve greater success in managing their investments and make better investment decisions. In his second book Story Investing he shows that narrative thinking mode is complementary to analytical one and not its enemy. Using techniques and insights from storytelling and fiction literature, investors can finally put into practice the art half of the investing.

- - - - -


I am little bit more inclined to light background and colors, but open to other options also. The title of the book should be bold and very visible. On the back cover it is of less importance.

In terms of images/background images/design, the book has two main themes:

1 - stock market, financial, investments, etc
2 - literature, theater, stories, movies

If possible, I would be interested in design that highlights somehow these themes. But it does not have to be something fancy, etc. The format of the book is not large.

Who Is Your Audience?

The target audience for my book are professionals working in the areas of finance and investments, as well as individual investors who manage their portfolios


We Like These Examples

Will specify in project details

We Absolutely Must Have

The title and author name on front side of the cover, and two paragraph of text specified above.On the spine of the cover I want name of the book or name of the book and name of author.



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