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Who are you?

I am an author who is self-publishing a book.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

I need a front book cover, back cover, and spine for a Christian children's novel called The Hideout.

Who Is Your Audience?



We Like These Examples

A realistic illustration (not cartoony) such as the book cover for The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

We Absolutely Must Have

This is the story of 3 children abandoned by their mother who hide out in a church. The church is an actual church called the Elgin Bible Church which I have included pictures of. For the front cover, I would like the 3 children standing in the aisle of the sanctuary looking toward the front (so you see their backs). Zach is an 11-year-old American boy with shaggy brown hair, Missy is 10 years old with blond hair, and Karen in 4 years old with curly blond hair. They are rather dirty and unkempt. Zach is wearing cargo pants, a wrinkled tee-shirt, and his big toe is poking through his tattered sneakers. Missy is wearing jeans, a tee-shirt, and flip flops on her dirty feet. Four-year-old Karen is wearing a white sundress and red plastic sneakers. The title of the book is The Hideout, and the author's name is Beth Livingston.
For the back cover, use the following text:
Now what would they do?
They couldn't go home, not with the cops sitting on their steps waiting for them. They needed a place to hide-- a good place, for it might be for a long, long time.
Zach looked around the big, clean, carpeted room. It was much nicer than home. Why couldnt they hide out here? Besides, no one would ever never think of looking for them in a church!
(I will attach a picture of the outside of the church that could be used on the back cover.)

I will attach an author picture, and the following text will be near it:

Beth Livingston (B.A.,Wheaton College, M.A.,University of Illinois) is also the author of Susanna of Beaver Lodge and The Chautauqua Belles. Formerly from near Buffalo, New York, Beth has now retired to Dublin, Ohio, and is married with two grown children and two grandchildren. She was a school librarian for eighteen years and loves cooking, reading, quilting, and selling fabric on eBay.

The spine: (Narrow spine- about 120 pages) The title and author's name: The Hideout and Livingston



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