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Business Info

Who are you?

My name is Jamie and I'm a world traveler, social entrepreneur, husband and father of two. I was blessed to have been given the inspiration and courage to realize a dream of traveling by bicycle around the world in search of connection, contribution and love. I'm now back home in ole USA in the final editing process with my writing coach Franz Wisner on my first book, a self-published book/eBook offering I will be promoting via an RV road trip next spring/summer 2015.

What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

What do you need?

I need a killer cover + eBook cover for my book Bicycle Built for Two Billion. The book is a narrative memoir which will have a printed book on demand + 1st run print for our promotion road trip. We will also have a very exciting eBook/Enhanced eBook offering using 1,000's of stunning photos and videos captured from around the world.

Its a book about Jamie's 81-country adventure around the world riding a two-seat tandem bike while inviting total strangers to join the journey and create friendships. Over 1,000 people from all walks of life--different languages, ages, religions, cultures, beliefs, skin colors, etc-- joined the ride. During the journey Jamie collected not only a lot of great stories and friendships, but also important life lessons and a "coming of age" kinds of experience one can only receive out globetrotting around the world.

I'd like the creator to think about an effective print book cover but also considering the smaller space for an eBook icon. Not sure if there needs to be two covers totally but to think this through.

Who Is Your Audience?

Core target market are woman. Secondary target market is cyclist, travelers and adventurers. So the cover should somehow appeal to both primary and secondary markets.


We Like These Examples

I like how in Eat Pray Love cover they use flowers in the "love" portion of the image. Perhaps we can use that with the "Billion" and showing all sorts of people in the Billion. I also like what my wife came up with in the attached drawing showing a long stream of riders.

We Absolutely Must Have

Title: Bicycle Built for Two Billion
Subtitle: "One man's around the world search for connection, contribution and love"

A Memoir: in another font/style on cover

Jamie Bianchini



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