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BadDaddy Publishing (www.thebaddaddy.com) is launching a fun and enlightening chilren's book line tackling subjects critical to life success. Why lose an hour every night reciting dribble? We're blowing the doors off of story-time, getting real, imparting some timeless wisdom, and still having a laugh or three. Turning kids into success adults demands focus. The school system isn’t going to teach them about debt, finance, liberty, entrepreneurship, psychology, or even history. They’ll get fables, names and dates — the chopping of a cherry tree or landing of the Mayflower — but miss the real points, mangled to the point of propaganda. It’s our job as parents to help them understand how the world really works, to help them think independently, and question phony narratives.

The BadDaddy series will prepare them early for an unforgiving world, and educate, enlighten, and entertain the whole family. With the right stories, they’ll be masters of their own fate. Without it, they’ll be groomed to trust a broken system, and forced to learn the hard way. Due first is “Where does money come from?”, but we also need an illustrator for other titles in the queue include “Good-Debt, Bad-Debt”, “The Madness of Crowds”, “Right-Law, Wrong-Law” and “Fear and Greed”.

We’re injecting a bigger purpose into story-time, for self-reliant parents that want the best for their kids.



Title: "Where does money come from?"
Genre: Illustrated children's book (color!)
Author: theBadDaddy.com
Publisher: BadDaddy Publishing, LLC
Expected to be electronic, and hard cover


8 (L) x10 (W)

  • Illustrated

Economical, Concrete, Rigid, Youthful, Playful, Masculine, Minimal, Classic
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Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Block Serif

  • Serif

  • Script


Should include BadDaddy logo and be consistent with branding (https://thebaddaddy.com/). I attached examples of these logos and the color's used in the logo are #14499E (blue) and #231F20 (charcoal). I have a ton of versions of the logos, in case you need different formats. I am open to any/all new creative ideas, but this book stems from a blog I did about a young boy (my son) asking his dad (me) where money comes from (so that could be a good image for the title, and you can find that blog at https://thebaddaddy.com/2018/03/15/the-t.... I like this picture of my son Ryder if you would like to model the character after him (but don't recreate the air hockey shot). You can find my picture on the "About" page, if you want to model the dad after me. Totally up to you, and extra points for creativity. I don't envision the design to be too busy, but I am open. Thanks!

Top 3 Things

Fun, educational, and enlightening. Perhaps a tad anti-authority (the A in Bad Daddy is a subtle anarchy sign).

Additional Info

Once I find a winning designer, I will need illustrations for the rest of the book, and future books. Will negotiate these separately, but plan to be able to recreate the character and them economically across the book.



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