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Book Info

Book title or subject

A guide to social media for business. (Actual title not yet created, please feel free to title the guide)

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Small and medium sized business

Describe your audience

Our audience are the business owners themselves. These are owners of small to medium sized businesses who have heard or are wanting to know how to effectively integrate social media into their business. This Guide should be educational, inspirational, and informative. The guide will only be nine spreads and should not be copy heavy. It should be written very simple and practical. The idea is not necessarily to teach them how to completely integrate Facebook into their business and run a campaign for example. But rather, to have a grasp and understand the concept.. so that as they search for a company to help them with the integration they have an understanding of what to ask for and what people are saying to them.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through this book?

1. Inspiration: Many of these business owners are not tech savvy at all. The guide should inspire them because of it's simplicity they are grasping the concepts quickly.

2. Education: although this is not a book but a small guide, we want them to walk away after spending minutes having a basic understanding of the subject matter.

3. Advice: as you will see there is a section on every spread of the guide for advice. This will be a tip, advice, or a warning of some sort.

Style and Details

Please include chapter titles or a table of contents

Social Media: (Table of contents and description of spreads)

1. Inspirational Spread: paragraph or two about social media and what it can do for business and what it can do for their business. This is a general paragraph

2. What is social media: explain what social media is and how it connects businesses and consumers

3. types of social media: explain that there are a multitude of social media sites and that they each serve different purposes. Perhaps a listing of a bunch of social media sites under a heading of purpose.

4. point is to be a part of the communication/ getting involved: how business can get involved and to stress and give practicals that they need to do way more than just set up a facebook page and let it sit on its own. Successful social media integration means being involved and initiating conversation.

5. how to integrate: steps, ways, or practicals to integrating social media into a business

6. your online reputation: talking about a business online reputation, its importance and the impact of what happens on social media can have on a business.

7. In detail: Facebook: this is a spread completely focused on Facebook, what it is, how its used in business, and why they should be using or considering using it in their business. Does not need to include all this information.. the latter is very important.

8. In detail: Twitter: should follow same format as Facebook spread

9. In detail: LInked in: should follow same format as Facebook spread

Do you have a thesis or conclusion for this book?

Each spread should be it's own self sufficient spread that can stand independently from the rest of the guide.

List specific information that must be included

This is for businesses so there should be a certain respect in the tone. However, we would like to have a down to earth, conversational, almost crowdspring like spirit to the piece. We just don't want to be to jovial or cute. The book should not be written in first person pov. It should come across as unbiased information.

What character, tenor and spirit do you want to convey?

This is for businesses so there should be a sense of professionalism. We want the tone to be conversational, easy to read, with an almost crowdspring like spirit without coming off jovial or playful.

What is your required length in words or pages for this book?

we would like each spread to be around 175 words... more or less is fine. But being able to convey the message in the least amount of words would be ideal

Do you want to include any additional info?

Please take a look at the attached guide. Although it is in spanish (this one will be in english) and for a different client, the social media guide will be very similar to it. You can get a sense and feel of how the spreads will be laid out and interact and be supported graphically. Please feel free to suggest how you may visualize graphics incorporated and support your copy.



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