Your Biggest Fans

Today, we are very excited to announce a collaboration with heavy metal gods Judas Priest for creating their official online tour poster. They are a band that’s been around since the 1970’s and have sold over 35 million records worldwide. There’s a lot to be said about Judas Priest’s longevity in an industry where so many acts crash and burn every day, but their success could not last 30+ years without a raving fan base.

What is a band, or any product for that matter, without its fans? Ask any marketing / advertising guru, and they will all say the same thing: Customer loyalty is equally essential as targeting new customers.

People who feel connected with a product are more likely to be the best evangelists. Apple consumers proudly display the logo on their cars, guitar cases, notebooks (the pen and paper kind), and wherever they can advertise their affiliation with the company. As a brand, Apple has done a great job aligning itself with its users. Fans embrace the company as a lifestyle. I have heard both Actionscript programmers and rock musicians say, “I could never date someone who didn’t own a Mac.” If a product can affect affairs of the heart, then it better be really good!

It doesn’t matter if you are fanatic about Judas Priest or Apple: you belong to a community that shares a strong, common bond. Fellow fans are eager to discuss if the 3G iPhone will live up to expectations or why “Breakin’ the Law” was the best song released in 1980. In order to maintain this strong sense of community, bands and brands must listen to their fans and continue evolving to meet their needs, whether it is heavy metal songs or titanium-encased laptops.

Check out this comical montage, shot at a Judas Priest show in 1986, from the cult classic documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot. The band is still touring and playing shows to die hard fans, 22 years later!