Why A Generic Logo Design Will Hurt Your Business

A huge part of what we do in customer service here at crowdSPRING is working to make sure creatives produce original work, respecting the work of others, and that buyers walk away happy with a design all their own. We often get asked why we are such sticklers about the use of generic concepts and why we are against it, so here’s the rundown for buyers and creatives.


Some Buyers come to the site know exactly what they want, and others are just trying to figure it out. We realize that newcomers to logo design may come to a project open to any kind of design. They see the overused stuff and love it! It’s popular for a reason. But we here at crowdSPRING see the projects day after day and trust us – we know when something has been done and done and done. We don’t want your logo to be confused with someone else’s logo down the street. You need a brand identity to call your own.


Before deciding on a logo, do some research. Google popular logos in your field and see how taking a different approach can help you stand out from your competitors.

 image2 (2)image1 (11)

We realize it can be frustrating to hear us preach from atop our overused design soapbox, but we promise, it is just us looking out for you and your brand. It’s the reason we caution people to avoid online logo stores. It’s so important to us that you have an amazing experience on the site and that you end up with a great product as unique as you are. You and your business are sure to benefit.


We appreciate the hard work of the creatives on the site, and we believe in your abilities! Apart from wanting buyers to walk away with a unique product, we also want you to challenge yourselves. Don’t detract from your talent by utilizing overused concepts. It deducts from your design integrity and can put your account at risk.


We know you have it in you to produce something awesome. The greater your ability to produce something previously unseen, the more likely you are to win more projects and get more repeat clients. It’s plain good business.

So for buyers and creatives alike, why conform when you can stand out and make a statement? Go for the gusto- in the end, we’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

Image credit: Our very own Audree