This Year, What Is Your Small Business Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is the time of year all of us sit down around a big ‘ole dinner table and take a few minutes to give thanks.  Most of the time, we reflect on friends, family, loved ones, and personal prosperity.  Thanksgiving can also be a great time to take yourself out of the daily fray from owning your business and feel grateful for the past year of new customers, new opportunities… and new logos, of course!

So, we touched base with a few of our favorite Small Business Spotlights and asked them: this year, what is your small business thankful for?

Mike of Orazure Hand Roasted Coffee:

“I’m thankful for my loving wife who kept encouraging me while I worked to launch my website which just went live FINALLY.  The launch is a great feeling of relief and accomplishment, and I am blessed to live in a country where I have the liberty to start my own company.”

Rebecca of Bicyclette

“As we prepare for a festive holiday weekend of family, friends, food – and lots of bike riding of course – I wanted to be sure to share my gratitude for my family and friends that were so instrumental in helping me to nurture my business idea and to grow my passion into a start up lifestyle brand for women.”

Geoffrey of French Truck Coffee:

I am thankful for all of the pieces of the puzzle that helped make me successful enough to be named ‘Start-Up of the Year’ by New Orleans Magazine!  Crowdsping was one of the easiest pieces of the puzzle to fit! Thank you!”

Sarah of NinjaDog Concepts

“I’m grateful that NinjaDog Concepts has been able to help nearly 20 lost animals get reunited with their families – especially Cleo the Akita, who was missing for 7 weeks and Piper the chihuahua whose reunion was captured on film.  No matter how hard or hopeless this work sometimes seems, I will always be grateful for the successes that keep me going and remind me that even the impossible can be possible.”

Kimberly of Simple Squares

“Thankful to still be in business!  As well as for the outpouring of support we’ve received from retailers and consumers in 2012.”

 Scott of Coupon Cactus:

“We at are grateful for the amazing coupons our merchants are providing our website visitors and members this holiday season, many of whom are still struggling in this difficult economy. I am also personally grateful to have had the opportunity to start a business that allows me to interact with so many people, hear their wonderful stories, and make life a little easier for them.”

Adam of Good Migrations

“I’m thankful to have successfully launched GoodMigrations after many months of hard work and development, to be gathering steam within the expat community, and to have received attention from industry leaders. Here’s to making the world of international moving a better place!”