What if business schools offered an MBA in www?

Every year thousands of  newly minted MBAs will earn their degrees from over 165 graduate business programs in the US alone. These bright folks will walk through those gates with training in finance, accounting, marketing, economics, strategy, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, statistics, research, business law, negotiating, ethics, and leadership. Many of the young MBAs have personal experience with using the social media and are active on Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter and  various other online tools.

My suggestion to some of the best marketing programs in the country? Get on it! Start teaching the social media in your marketing curriculum, start leveraging the web in your strategy classes, and start training MBAs in the ins and outs of SEO and SEM. Stop teaching advertising courses that focus on TV, print, and the “old” mass media, and start teaching students how companies are using Twitter to get their message out and to provide great customer service. Stop teaching supply chain management that focuses on trucks and warehouses, and start teaching them how Zappos has built a virtual supply chain by leveraging  cutting edge technology and customer-focused strategy.

There is a brave new world of business out here and case studies from the 1990s do not prepare students for the new paradigm we face every day. Where is the NEW curriculum that needs to be taught?

Done rantimg now. Thanks. Thoughts?