We’re not Burger King, but we still want you to ‘Have it Your Way’

The crowdSPRING message is all over the place – we have a blog, we use Twitter, we have Facebook, we have email, we have customer support tickets and oh yeah, we even have phones. We’ve tried to cover all our bases on how to get out our message and constantly work on ensuring you’re able to talk to us as well. We think we’ve hit all the angles, but being the matchmaker that I am, I want to make sure you’re 1. getting information from us that you’re looking for and 2. able to contact us any way you want to.

We want to know:
– what news/information do you want to hear from us?
– how do you like to get that news?
– how do you like to share information about your experience with crowdSPRING?
– what is the easiest way for you to contact us if you have accolades or concerns?

As you know, a relationship can only work if there’s open communications and you’re on the same page. We want to make sure we’re not that annoying girlfriend sending you non-stop emails about things that you could care less about or that emotionally distant boyfriend who will only communicate with you the way he wants to and when he’s good and ready.

Let us know how we can make our communications better for you. Come on–we want to hear you!