Weekly Glance of Awesomeness #6

Hello to all my friends in the crowdSPRING-iverse!
Here is this week’s Glance of Awesomeness. The crowdSPRING crew is busy at work testing new features and are gearing up for next week’s DEMO Fall ’08 Conference. We’re very excited, so keep your eyes and ears tuned into our Blog for the latest and greatest! For now, here are some projects you may be interested in…

Glance #1: Feng Shui Consulting Group Needs A Logo
The Award: $300
End Date: September 6th
The Breakdown: Global Green Interiors is a home and office staging and feng shui consulting group based in Los Angeles. How very Hollywood. True fact: When I lived in Hollywood, my roommate insisted on choosing our rooms based upon the feng shui. I believe she chose the room that pointed East, but I was cool with it since I had the much bigger room. I wonder what Global Green Interiors would have to say about that! Regardless, they need a logo design that is less corporate and more zen, which apparently isn’t my forte since I picked the room with the bad feng shui.

Glance #2: Healthcare Non-Profit Needs A Logo
The Award: $225
End Date: September 8th
The Breakdown: Someone to Trust is a Chicago-based (just like us!) non-profit which helps people make appropriate healthcare decisions before they encounter an emergency. The non-profit is seeking a new logo to help establish a true identity and brand. They need a design that is welcoming yet reassuring and reinforces the goals of the organization, so help ’em out!

Glance #3: Illustrate Conservation!
The Award: $1850 (3 Awards)
End Date: September 12th
The Breakdown: EcoAlign, a marketing agency geared towards environmental and energy conservation sectors, wants your ideas. They are seeking concepts and illustrations to convey different green initiatives such as global warming, energy efficiency, carbon management, and more. So get out your colored pencils, tablet, or camera – they just want to see you create and convey visual representations of eco concepts!

Glance #4: Destination Specialty Startup Needs A Logo
The Award: $1000
End Date: September 15th
The Breakdown: For those of you who frequent our site often, we had a last minute rush logo project for a Las Vegas Bar + Grill last weekend that generated an impressive 394 entries. The payoff was $1000. We love seeing higher paying projects on our site because that means more awards for our creatives, and here is another $1000 project! About Travel Inc. is a startup which is going to launch AboutAnywhere.com. The company operates the world’s largest network of destination specialist websites that provide hotel and travel reservations all over the world, and they want you (yes, you!) to design the logo for their company. Make them look global. Make them look gooooood!

There you have it for this week, folks. Tune in next week for more Glances of Awesomeness, and feel free to send me any leads!