Weekly Glance of Awesomeness #11

Attention crowdSPRINGers: the sun is out, it’s a beautiful day in Chicago, and it’s time for your Weekly Glance of Awesomeness!

Glance #1: Avego iPhone Icon + Buttons
The Award: $300
End Date: October 12th
The Breakdown: We were first introduced to Avego when they launched their service alongside crowdSPRING at this year’s DEMO conference. Avego is an interesting concept. The company allows drivers to share their empty seats with riders for money, much like a personal taxi service. They originally came to crowdSPRING to get their logo and couldn’t get enough of our great creatives. Now, Avego’s looking for beautiful, detailed icon design that screams, “pick me!” amongst the thousands of apps out there, and they know that crowdSPRING’s creatives can make that happen.

Glance #2: Photocannon Logo
The Award: $400
End Date: October 13th
The Breakdown: The purpose of Photocannon is for users to have a super duper simple way to send loads of photos to people. The three words they use to describe their service? Fun, speed, + simplicity. The entries to this project so far conveyed exactly that. There are some pretty clever, colorful logo designs submitted so far. I can’t play favorites, but you can – take a look at the gallery, and submit a crowd score or two!

Glance #3: Fanscape Logo
The Award: $250
End Date: October 15th
The Breakdown: When I was 13, the only thing I cared about was music. Music, music, music. I wanted so badly to help the bands that I loved, so I signed up for an online street team. Now, mind you, this was almost 10 years ago, when the idea of online street teams was new territory. This online marketing was my first foray into the music industry, promoting rock bands like Weezer and No Doubt through a company called Fanscape. When I lived in Los Angeles, I would drive by their old building often with their logo looming over it. Imagine my surprise when I saw them post a project on crowdSPRING for a new logo! It’s great to see them remaining open to new methods of embracing communities online.

Glance #4: Acoustic Guitar Forum CD Packaging + Design
The Award: $1200 (2 awards of $600)
End Date: October 16th
The Breakdown: Acoustic Guitar Forum is the world’s largest acoustic guitar community. They are putting out a series of CD compilations and need a retro meets modern package graphics for the 2nd and 3rd installation of their Acoustic Guitar Forum CDs. The awarded designers will also receive several copies of their work and credit in the album liner notes. Hmm, perhaps crowdSPRING should put out a CD. I can play a killer acoustic version of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” Okay, maybe not.

There you have it for this week, folks. Tune in next week for more Glances of Awesomeness, and feel free to send me any leads!