We Love Our Customers

We love our customers.

In two years, we’ve answered over 40,000 customer service tickets, and tens of thousands of other customer requests via email, private message, and phone. We’ve obsessed about providing the absolute best customer service to our designers, writers, and buyers. And we’ve met many outstanding people along the way.

We love our customers.

We have over 60,000 designers and writers in our community, and thousands of buyers from 70+ countries have posted projects. We’re humbled by their stories about the impact we’ve had on their lives and on their businesses.

Today, we received a wonderful thank-you package from one of our customers – Sweet Waterwear. They currently have a project on crowdSPRING for t-shirt design (this is their second project).

Kevin (our customer service guru – pictured to the left in a goofy photo) must have made a great impression on the customer (see customer’s note in the image below). You might remember Kevin from his tribute with Chris Detmer (our UI Developer) to Michael Jackson or from his unmatched win in our random Shakespearean sonnet day competition at crowdSPRING. And yes, that’s Kevin rockin’ it out on the banjo.

We’re very proud of Kevin.

We’re also really humbled when a customer does something so special – to send us a package of yummy goodies all the way from Hawaii. Huge thanks to Sean Sweet & Sweet Waterwear! We’re going to enjoy the candy, cookies & coffee – and dream big dreams about surfing in Hawaii.

Mahalo Nui Loa!