Value and values

crowdSPRING values creativity. crowdSPRING values creative people.

We put a great deal of thought into ways we could walk this walk in our business model. We developed for tools and features to protect creatives that other sites do not offer. We insist that buyers deposit with us the full amount of the award and we take on the responsibility for paying the winning creative. We do not allow projects to be canceled or abandoned. We provide legal contracts for buyer and creative. And we are busily developing the IP Registry, which will further protect creative works.

Having said all of that, we are also here for another purpose, and that is to provide great value to buyers. To help achieve this, we set what we thought were reasonable minimum prices for projects in all categories. Our hope was that the market itself would help to determine the actual awards that buyers offered on their projects.

Over the past week we have been following closely the projects that are posted, the user behavior in those projects, and the creatives participation in those projects. We have also been listening to all of you. In our forums and through our Contact Us form, many of you have complained that low-price projects weaken the model and undervalue the work. We hear you. As of today we are raising the minimum awards for all projects. Logo design, stationery design and other graphic design projects will now have a minimum of $150. Web design will have a minimum of $250. And next week we will introduce a “bundle” for buyers who need a logo and business card design in one project. The minimum for this will be $250. We will continue watching and listening.

So, thank you for the feedback and thank you for being members of our community.