Two-Point-O rising

We have been working very hard on version 2.0 of our Beta. The “new and improved” crowdSPRING, while still under wraps, will accomplish several important things for us:

1. It will incorporate a full visual redesign, driven by the new homepage design we chose at the end of our public competition,
2. It will greatly simplify our underlying architecture and navigation. We very much believe that the site will be simpler and more intuitive for users to find their way around, and
3. It will (finally) incorporate functionality we have been working on, but that has not yet been switched on.

We had originally planned to launch the crowdSPRING beta site at the end of November. That became January 2nd, then January 31st, then February 15th. When we ultimately launched the Beta on the 4th of March we thought that it would take us 4-6 weeks to get to a public launch. Looks like we’ll make it in 7 (though barely), with April 14th as our goal. But, deadlines are made for the breaking – and our eyes are focused on the prize: a crowdSPRING that is fun, simple, and powerful.

If all goes well for the next 40 hours or so, we will upload the 2.0 version this Wednesday (BTW – the site will be down for a period of time while we migrate data, etc). Our beta participants will see a radically different interface and we are anticipating a lot of feedback in the form of complaints (be gentle, please); suggestions (be creative, please); and bug reports (hopefully not too many, please).

Stick around… cool stuff to come.