Twitter Link Roundup #43 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account, I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Here are some of the links that I’ve liked and shared this past week!

How To Talk To Small Business –

“Saying “thank you” – why startups and small businesses should listen to mom” –

Book Review: Rework (by @jasonfried & @dhh) –

Why Leaders Should Swear –

“Saying “thank you” – why startups and small businesses should listen to mom” –

Priceless advice from John Wooden about leadership –

Book Review: Rework –

Apple’s Startup Culture –

An outstanding talk by @garyvee at @railsconf – well worth the time to watch/listen –

Pink slips can be a one-way ticket to entrepreneurship –

Why Leaders Should Swear –

Brands need friends and an eco-system that attracts them –

15 more awesome social media infographics –

Book Review: Rework (by @jasonfried & @dhh) –

Copywriting For Social Media –

Why Sharing Matters –

38 Creative & Clever Advertisements For Inspiration –

Now in Blogs, Product Placement –

Using Charts and Graphs for Content –

Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King –

Why artists and creatives have an unfair advantage in internet marketing –

Good Practices for Delivering Print Files –

How sketching will take your design process to the next level –

Check, Please: A Typographic Checklist –

20 Amazing Book Cover Designs –

10 Amazing Umbrella Designs –

40 Examples of Nicely Illustrated Logo Designs –

Information Architecture: Enhancing the User Experience –

The Limitations of Adobe’s Content Aware Fill –

38 Creative & Clever Advertisements For Inspiration –

Using Charts and Graphs for Content –

Great user experience with gradual engagement sign ups –

Add Motion To Website: jQuery Animation Plugins From 2010 –

20 Must Have Android Apps for Developers and Designers –

Interview with a crowdSPRING designer – 12 Questions: Meet Tiffany Reed (USA) –

Sponge Brushes: 10 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes –

100 Seriously Creative Sculptures –

40 Splendid Ice Sculptures for Inspiration –

5 Tools For Freelancers To Manage Their Time –

9 Usability And UX Pitfalls: Learn How To Avoid Them –

50 Best Tools To Brush Up Your Design Skills –

Usability Breakdowns You Want to Avoid –

The Makeup of a Designer –

40+ Cool Poster Design Tutorials and Tut Roundups –

Avoiding Design Burnout –

Spicing Up Your Website With jQuery Goodness –

How to Create a Classic Table Phone in Illustrator –

Composition 101: Rule Of Thirds In Photography With Examples –

About Pages: Good, Bad, and Missing –

25 iconic corporate logo tutorials to challenge your skills –

50 New Useful CSS Techniques, Tools and Tutorials –

50 Fresh Logo Designs for Design Inspiration –

E-commerce: Fundamentals of a Successful Re-Design –

The Process Behind Good Illustration Design –

Show Time: 30 jQuery Calendar Date Picker Plugins –

100 Years Of Propaganda: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly –

The Essential Guide to @font-face –

34 Realistic Gadget Design Tutorials –

Legal Contracts for Software Developers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) –

Legal Contracts for Graphic Designers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) –

The secrets of a top copywriting pro –

Good Copy, Bad Copy: The Magic Is In The Headlines –

Are You Too Lazy to Write Less? –

Writing tip: How to Rescue Your Readers from Purchase Paralysis –

Lost In Translation: Editing Translated Texts –

Copywriting For Social Media –

Does Crowdsourcing Threaten Your Job (or Offer New Opportunity)? –

Mozilla Labs “Crowdsource Crowdsourcing” Project –

Brilliant product design. The hands of the clock are the batteries that power the clock –

Twinkie deconstructed –

Why Segway Failed To Reshape The World –

5 Tools For Freelancers To Manage Their Time –

Breathtaking Pictures of Africa –

BP Spills Coffee –

Fun watching @garyvee crush it on WLTV. Plus, a very hungry Big Pussy (Sopranos) on this one –

The World Cup Explained To Americans In 7 Pictures –

Explore Planet Earth’s Surface : Top to Bottom –

Japanese Tech School Made of Glass –

I hope you enjoy these links! If you can spare a minute, please leave a comment and let me know what you liked/didn’t like.