Twitter Link Roundup #358 – Terrific Reads for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

Feeling a little restless?

You’re not alone.

The shiny new year excitement has officially begun to dull, and along with it, our enthusiasm for everything we had planned to make this year the Best One Ever. New hobbies we’ve set our sights on mastering have begun to idle, exciting us less and nagging us more with each passing day.

We feel guilty, at first, and then think better of it. We eyeball the calligraphy section on Amazon and realize that it’s not our fault at all, we just didn’t realize that what we really needed was to master the art of lettering,

Enter the Depth Year, whose premise centers around the resolve toward “no new hobbies, no new possessions.”

The central insight you’ll discover pursuing a Depth Year is likely (and fittingly) not a novel concept. Depth Years reveal an old truth: fulfillment is found in what is already here, not in the seductive and relentless Out There.

If we look inward, rather than outward, we’ll find enormous value in what already exists right now.

Abandoning the cult of consumption and the endless cycle of more, more, more reveals that we do not, in fact, get satisfaction from a lot of shallow distractions. Rather, we are fulfilled through deep and meaningful exploration of the vast possibility in the here and now.

If you’re already feeling the weight of burnout in this still-new year, take a look at a Depth Year. It might be the answer you didn’t know you already had.

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