Twitter Link Roundup #315 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

Diego Velázquez, Old Woman Frying Eggs, c. 1618, National Gallery of Scotland


When you take a look at some of the famous works of art from the 17th century, you can learn about the globalization of food crops, and how food trends influenced the global market’s tastebuds in wide-reaching ways.

The things people preferred to eat throughout history pushed our ancestors to create things like the Columbian Exchange – which we can thank for the now widespread ability to grab some kung pao chicken, or pasta with red sauce, with relative ease.

I’m grateful every time I order a side of spicy kimchi.

The next time you have the chance to study some of the world’s greatest art, pay attention to the food. It might make you hungry, but it’s also a great way to learn where our craving for the ever popular avocado came from.

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