Twitter Link Roundup #293 – All About Small Business, Startups, and Designers!

Did you see the animated film, “Up?” Did you like the animated film, “Up?” Do you get teary when you hear the theme song from the animated film, “Up?” If you answered yes (or even if you answered, no) to any of the questions above, go ahead. Click the play button. Let’s see if you can handle this one… Some background, while you reach for the tissues: Pianist Jason Lyle Black composed a loverly piano duet and made a video to celebrate his grandparent’s 60th anniversary by taking a loving look at their lives.. inspired in part by (you guessed it) the animated film, “Up!”

The lesson here? Do a good job and maybe some day your own grandson will do something that sweet for you! But for the moment? Start clicking, because it’s time for you to enjoy another lovely set of links and articles that we shared with you over the past week on our  crowdSPRING Twitter account (as well as my own Twitter account)! We do love sharing articles about fonts, logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! Enjoy!


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