Twitter Link Roundup #287 – Cool Stuff Small Business, Startups, and Designers!

Glenn Keane has been a Disney animator for almost 40 years and no one can accuse him of lacking an experimental gene. He has consistently embraced new tools and new technology, and to wonderful effect. Here is Mr Keane, drawing  – in the traditional sense as well as the distinctly non-traditional. Enjoy watching him use virtual reality tools to stretch what it means to draw.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, perhaps you’d like to read a bit about what others are doing? Good! Because it’s time for the set of links and articles that we shared with you over the past week on our  crowdSPRING Twitter account (as well as my own Twitter account)! We do love sharing articles about fonts, logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! Enjoy!


How to Turn Bad News into Happy Customers

How to Map Out the Business That You Want to Build

8 Businesses You Can Start From Your Couch


The Episode That Explains the Future of Rough Draft

How Listening More Than Promoting Buys You More Time

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Diplomats | @crowdSPRING Blog –

A Better Way to Find Big Ideas (That Make You Stand Out)

The Interchange-Plus Pricing Model and Why It’s Your Best Friend – Ecommerce Platforms

What every political candidate needs to know about small business voters

The 7 Attributes of the Most Effective Sales Leaders

Facial Signals That Boost Your Success With Others

How Income Inequality is Affecting America’s Next Generation of Business Leaders

Reasons Smart Startups Establish ‘Coopetition’

The CEO of Bolthouse Farms on Making Carrots Cool

What You Learn From 5 Days With Richard Branson, Daymond John, and Tim Ferriss


How to write a great error message — Medium

Comedian Aziz Ansari on 4 Things Marketers Can Learn From Online Dating

Writing Tricks That Increase the Readers Engagement

Content Creation Tools Everyone Needs To Know About

5 Ways to Write More, Faster, and With Less Stress

The Fantastically Geeky Ads That Gave Rise To The Tech Industry


Lessons From The Early Pitch Decks Of Airbnb, BuzzFeed, And YouTube

Can Appliances Be Designed To Make You Happy?

Scientifically Proven Ways to Have a More Productive Morning

Amazing Modern Outdoor Fireplaces – Design Milk

Hacking Google Earth to Create Stunning Mountain Shots

The Secret to Keeping Top Millennial Talent

Moby Dick (animated) |

It’s Hard To Believe This Gorgeous 9-Minute Robot Animation Is a Student Thesis

Hotel not Hotel: Where Rooms Aren’t Just Rooms – Design Milk

A 1940’s Manufacturing Plant Turned into New Offices – Design Milk

Get creative with Sant’Elia Script (includes 44 fonts) – only $19! – MightyDeals

Handlettering Gymnastics – Print Magazine

Thoughts on Designing Information: Information Design Book | My Design Shop

Dog Milk: Best of July + August 2015 – Design Milk

How to Generate Attention-Grabbing Package Design Ideas – Print Magazine

Chicago’s Design Meat Market – Print Magazine

Print Typography & Lettering Awards – Print Magazine

This artist plans to draw every person in New York City in 79 years | DesignFaves

Illustrator of the Week: Peter Horjus – Print Magazine

Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby – Print Magazine

A Sparkling New Magazine – Print Magazine

Contemporary Jewelry Made from Waste – Design Milk

Balclis design – cool

Color for Designers: 95 Things You Need to Know About Color Design | My Design Shop

A Space-Saving Bed That Lowers From The Ceiling


This week “Fresh from the SPRING” features a wonderful logo designer: jendralpiggy | @crowdSPRING Blog –

Google has a new logo

$79 for an Out-of-Date Book About a Modern NASA Logo

Evolving the Google Identity


Top 10 Websites: Visual Experience + Packaging Design

Product List Usability: Avoid ‘Quick View’ Overlays

Word Wrapping Woes

Approaches For Multiplatform UI Design Adaptation: A Case Study – Smashing Magazine

Rendering big geodata on the fly with GeoJSON-VT


This Smart Bike Navigation Gadget Relies On A Slick Ambient UI

App Smart | Gamify Music Lessons…


Joseph Joseph Wants To Reinvent Microwave Cooking

Helping Waste Pickers Earn A Better Living While They Keep City Streets Clean