Twitter Link Roundup #284 – Late Summer Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

I guess I have a travel bug this month. Sad me, it’s August but there’s no time for vacation right now. I’ll have to continue from last week and fantasize about the places I would be visiting, oh if I only could. For instance, I do really like a good market in an exotic locale, and this may be one of the most comprehensive lists of these places yet crafted. Have a look at the 21 incredible markets from around the world ad come salivate with me!

Sigh. But back now to reality, and I some small measure of redemption, because it’s time for the set of links and articles that we shared with you over the past week on our  crowdSPRING Twitter account (as well as my own Twitter account)! We do love sharing articles about fonts, logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! Enjoy!


From the Vault: Working Remote. Yeah. About That. | @crowdSPRING Blog –

The Art of the Out-of-Office Reply…

How to Start Spreading the Optimism: 7 Simple Tips

The Research Is Clear: Long Hours Backfire for People and for Companies –


The Art of the Out-of-Office Reply…

How to Build a Better Org Chart

Avoid These 8 Productivity Myths

Sleep Deprivation Is Making You Paranoid

The Secret of Airbnb’s Pricing Algorithm –

Things the Smartest People Never Do

The Workplace Culture That Flying Nannies Won’t Fix…

The Top 5 Mistakes Made by Every New Entrepreneur

16 Startup Metrics –


How to Become an Exceptional Writer

5 Steps to Optimize Your Website

Selling digital downloads & video streaming with Shopify • Inspired Magazine

Digital Asset Ownership: Are You Making This Single Catastrophic Mistake?

6 ways to harness social media for your brand

Facts To Improve Your Mobile Search Performance

How to Create Effective Content Experiences

Bring Your Blog Back to Life!


Announcing the 2015 NVAs: 15 Artists Under 30 – Print Magazine

Lost Designs: Making Digital Versions of Wood Type – Print Magazine

3 must-break freelance habits

Crazy New Ideas Out Of Disney Research

How to create a hand stitched text effect in illustrator | Creative Nerds

Culture+Typography: Ghost Signs – Print Magazine

The art of mixing Google typefaces made easy | Infographics | Pinterest

Roundup: Wireless Headphones & Stands – Design Milk

What We Talk About When We Talk About Type – Print Magazine

New Font Shows What It’s Like To Read With Dyslexia

Herman Miller: The Picnic Posters – Design Milk

Best Comic Book Artists from Comic-Con: A Designer Guide

Back to the Future: Shock & Boredom for Big Tech Design – Print Magazine

Inspire your creativity with this design notebook filled with 12 unique page designs. | My Design Shop

Illustrator of the Week: Jon Krause – Print Magazine

Clever Illustrations by Burnt Toast Creative

Award-Winning Book & Book Cover Designs – Print Magazine

Twitter Bot Automatically Generates Trippy Glitch Art


Logo Design: The Work of Almosh82

Summertime Logo Fun!


This Website Lets You Chat With Your Future Self

User-centered design in the enterprise: A case study

How do UX Designer salaries vary around the world? – The Logbook by Hanno

Well-Designed Catering Website Layouts

Hypnotizing Doodles Show The Beautiful Side Of Coding

Bizarre installation mimics pixels | DesignFaves

8 Years, 4 Major Trends: The Evolution of Websites From 2007 to Now

Leading Options for Managed WordPress Hosting – Vandelay Design

How to Design a Cool Contents Page in Adobe InDesign – Design & Illustration Tutorial


Simple ‘Buy’ Buttons Aim to Entice Mobile Shoppers

European Mobile Carrier Threatens To Ad-Block Google

LG Watch Urbane Review: Is This the Best Android Wear Device?


Infographic: What’s The Most Noir Film Of All Time?

These Shooting Range Targets Show You Who’s Really On The Other End Of The Barrel

27 libraries to visit in your lifetime

Poop Transplants And Microbiome Makeovers: How We’ll Engineer Our Bacteria To Feel Better

Boeing’s New Autonomous Sub Can Dive to 20,000 Feet Deep

Photo, Henrik Berger Jørgensen: Fès Market in Morocco