Twitter Link Roundup #268 – Pristine Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

Remember the first time you got a taste of something so delicious, so amazing that you simply had to have more? Had to experience the joy again? And again? This wonderful, simple animation is a meditation on human’s need to get more of what they crave. Is this what addicts come up against? The little kiwi in the story is experiencing what it means to become dependent on that which gives us pleasure.

OK. Get your own habits in check and get ready to try something new: it’s time for our weekly Roundup! This week’s set of charming links and delectable articles that we shared with you over the past week on our  crowdSPRING Twitter account (as well as my own Twitter account) is keyboard perfection! We just love sharing articles about fonts, logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! Enjoy!


8 things I learned from 8 different freelance gigs

Small business Congress-watch: Some Pending Bills (and Why They Matter) | @crowdSPRING Blog –

Cash is King: The simple truth about your freelance business | Guerrilla Freelancing

Use your tax refund to fortify your freelance business

How An 80-Year-Old Park Avenue Institution Went Digital In Just 80 Days


How Do You Sustain Your Brand’s Value? Follow These 6 Steps.

How One Entrepreneur Raised A Half Billion Dollars

Steve Blank On Why Most Startups Fail, And It’s Got Nothing To Do With Technology –

6 Thoughts on Creating and Leading Engineering Teams –

What is the ideal size and make-up of a team for a pre-revenue SaaS startup? –

Why VCs Need Unicorns Just to Survive –

The Angel VC: Key Revenue Metrics for SaaS companies –

Subtle Mid-Stage Startup Pitfalls –

Peter Thiel on what works at work –

VC Math explained –

Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other –

Why a Billion Dollar Startup Just Sold for $15 Million (and What Founders Can Learn From It)

Twitter’s multibillion-dollar mistake happened five years ago –

How to Make a Dent in “The Women Problem” in Chicago –

Inside Google’s Insanely Popular Emotional-Intelligence Course

The Illusion of Product/Market Fit for SaaS Companies –

Valuation As A Scorecard –

Tech Startup Viddler is a Hometown Success Story

The Case for Pursuing Massive Growth

Online Courses Accelerate Any Business Model

Gett’s Alternative To Uber-Style Surge Pricing

Our Obsession With Greatness Kills The Ability to Do Good Work


Inspiring Entrepreneurs Who Earn Income on Social Media

How to Scale Your Social Media Strategies for Growth

The 4 Best Influencer Marketing Studies of 2015 (So Far) | Convince and Convert

4 Steps To Increase Your Leads By More Than 108% on Facebook

Start a Podcast That Attracts Thousands of Listeners in Just 5 Simple Steps

Optimizing Email Marketing to Save Your Bottom Line | SEJ

Inspiring Entrepreneurs Who Earn Income on Social Media

Mistakes many make when looking at website statistics • Inspired Magazine

5 More Tips on How to Choose a Content Marketing Agency

Tips for Running Wildly Successful In-Person Events – Copyblogger

Brilliant Video Marketing Campaigns You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching

Easily Avoidable Mistakes That Cause Most Podcasts to Fail

The Basics of Email Marketing | Search Engine Journal

Two Retail Veterans Take Aim at Amazon’s E-Commerce Reign…

Using PPC Marketing to Make Content Go Viral: Here’s How It Works

20 Ways to Never Write Boring Content Again | SEJ

Deadly Conversion Busters: How a Lack of Goodwill Could Be Hurting Your Authority

Increase Your Leads By More Than 108% on Facebook


ea…004 on Illustration Served

Hate Needles? This 3-D Printed Device Makes Injections Pain-Free

2015 AIGA Medalist Emory Douglas – Print Magazine

5 free fonts inspired by the early 20th century style

6 problems with motion design education


Logo Design: Music Instruments

“Fresh from the SPRING” features the wonderful designer “cre8it” | @crowdSPRING Blog –


30 Cool CSS Animations You Have To See

What You Need To Do To Be A Great UX Designer

Website Designs for Various Cultures – Proceed with Caution

The Anatomy of a Hyperlink That Woos Readers

3 responsive design disasters: and how to avoid them

A Designer’s Introduction to “Agile” Methodology – Tuts+ Web Design Article

Free jQuery Plugins for Custom Tabs & Accordions

Everyday Website Optimization for WordPress • Yoast

Four blogs every beginner should start following right now • Inspired Magazine

Some Common Legal Misunderstandings About Image Usage

Best Knowledge Base WordPress Themes for Customer Support, FAQs and Wiki

Mistakes many make when looking at website statistics • Inspired Magazine

Learn to Create Forms That Improve User Experience


Gorgeous Free App Design Templates

How Apple Is Building An Ecosystem For Your Body


To Help Destigmatize HIV Victims, This Magazine Was Printed With Infected Blood

Modern Gifts for Mother’s Day – Design Milk

Microsoft Invents A Better Way To Sense Hand Gestures