Twitter Link Roundup #260 – Fresh Baked Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

Those of us who commute to work every day often find ourselves gazing at the people around us. Well, the photojournalist Rebecca Davis turned her gaze on the people she saw on her commute, on the NYC subway. She’s turned the still images into a powerful and moving video, that captures the everyday ennui of our daily commute.

OK, now wake up! Your commute has come to an end, you’ve reached your stop and it’s time for our weekly Roundup! Here are a mess of great links and articles we shared with you over the past week on our  crowdSPRING Twitter account (as well as my own Twitter account). We so like to talk about fonts, logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! Enjoy!


Strategy and Focus in Small Teams: the New Black | crowdSPRING Blog –

Things to Know About Filing Tax Extensions for Business

Half-Day Productivity Hack to Knock Out Your Priority Projects

Things Freelancers Should Know About Filing Their Taxes


Distinctive Ways to Impress Your Team That Will Make You Stand Out

Why Most Startups Fail

Cancelling One-on-One Meetings Destroys Your Productivity –

The surprising secret about SMEs’ Churn

Common Questions Leaders Should Never Ask –

Andreessen Horowitz: 10 Most Common Funding Questions –

What the Seed Funding Boom Means for Raising a Series A | First Round Review –

Essential Secrets to Retaining Your Best Employees

Motivational Quotes from Legendary Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Visionaries (Infographic)

Ways Your Business Can Support Social Impact Switch & Shift

How to Go From 20 to 500 Employees Without Breaking a Sweat

Why This Startup Won’t Let the Team Work From Home


The Often-Overlooked Value of Cold Calling

The Secrets Of Writing Smart, Long-form Articles That Go Absolutely Viral

This Mistake Will Get You Called Out on Social Media

Hey, Marketers: Stop Treating People Like Sheep

How One Company Convinced Anthony Bourdain To Shill As It Rebrands Scotch


Matteo Bologna: Funny Man/Type Extraordinaire – Print Magazine

This Clever Pushpin Won’t Damage Your Prints

The Flow Collection: Jewelry Inspired by Water – Design Milk

Collection on Furniture Served

A Villa in Denmark Located on the Edge of a Forest – Design Milk

Tingest: A Collection Inspired by Scandinavian Design – Design Milk

Striking Soviet Propaganda Posters You Can Hang On Your Wall

A Wall Lamp Made From a Sheet of Paper – Design Milk

What Traffic Signs Get Wrong (And How To Fix Them)

Ghost Garbage on Motion Graphics Served

Who Made Those Awesome Graphics At The Academy Awards?

Edgy: Hexagonal Wall Tiles for KAZA Concrete – Design Milk

12 Methods From 12 Designers at the Stockholm Furniture Fair – Design Milk

A Way With Words: Linzie Hunter’s Hand-Lettered Resolutions

“Never Be Afraid of Failing”: Noreen Morioka – Print Magazine

Everything Is Not Awesome In These Reimagined Classic Movie Posters

4 Strategic Customized Fonts and Typefaces – Print Magazine

Behance on Instagram: “Wolf & hoof by Maxim Shkret”

Typo & Letterings

Funny Design Theory: What Makes an Image Funny? – Print Magazine

“Think With Your Hands.” The Words and Work of Stephen Doyle – Print Magazine

Inside Scandinavian Design at the Stockholm Furniture Fair – Design Milk

Gaudí-Inspired Tiles Turn Your Floor Into A Maze


Infographic: The Evolution Of The Batman Logo, From 1940 To Today

“Fresh from the SPRING” features talented Creative billhill_art | crowdSPRING Blog –


Free download: Lucid one page PSD template

What is The Best Premium WordPress Theme in 2015?

Prototyping Tools | Cooper


This Guy May Be The Only App Designer In San Francisco Without A Cell Phone

The Future of Wearables

4 Ways Samsung Says It Will Destroy Apple’s iPhone 6


This French Creative Agency Counts Everything It Does In Its Office. EVERYTHING.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Store Of The Future Will Blow Your Mind

Brianna Wu vs. the Gamergate Troll Army

A Map Of Every Batman Villain Ever

Amsterdam Is Planning On Building An Underwater Parking Garage For Bikes

Guess Which Country’s Companies Profit Most From War?

Astronomers Watch a Supernova and See Reruns

For 11 Years, This Man Has Taken Photos Of Everything His Right Hand Touches

7 Ways Architecture Can Tackle Global Warming

Watch How Deadly Diseases Disappear After The Introduction Of Vaccines