Twitter Link Roundup #259 – Beaucoup de Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

What could possibly be wrong with a a dancing traffic light? Have a look at how they rock the pedestrian crossings in Portugal!

OK, already – stop dancing and tune back in, because it is now officially time for our weekly Roundup! Here are a mess of great links and articles we shared with you over the past week on our  crowdSPRING Twitter account (as well as my own Twitter account). We so like to talk about fonts, logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! Enjoy!


Customers Are Not Always Right. They Are Just Never Wrong.

How to Travel Like the 1 Percent on an Economy Budget…

Ban Dull Meetings at Your Workplace

Why Obama’s 2016 Budget Has Small-Business Boost Written All Over It

Dealing With a Hacked WordPress Site – Tuts+ Code Tutorial –

Why Business Travel Is Never Going to Be the Same After 2015…


Small Business and Startups: Net Neutrality? Done! (For Now) | crowdSPRING Blog –

Twitter’s CEO: How I Stay Focused Under Fire | Inc –

Before You Plan Your Product Roadmap | Inside Intercom –

How to Use Your Business Plan as a Benchmark for Performance

Warby Parker Sees the Future of Retail | Fast Company –…

Your Workplace Bully Is Much More Harmful Than You Thought | Fast Company | Business + Innovation –…

Conflict Among Team Members Can Lead to Better Results

The Importance of Good Manners in Business

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s How to Know for Sure.

When Senior Managers Won’t Collaborate – HBR

Business Buzzwords to Avoid Immediately | BizSugar…

Personality Types That Can Make or Break Your Meeting

Gain Confidence & Increase Productivity Each Day

10 Ways To Stay Calm In The Face Of Daily Stress | Fast Company | Business + Innovation–

Health Care Opens Stable Career Path, Taken Mainly by Women…


How to Use Twitter Lists for Business | Social Media Examiner

Demystifying Epic Content: How to Actually Create It (Not Just Jabber About How Important It Is)–

Content Strategists Can Follow Their Own Big Bang Theory

5 Customer Retention Tools for Long Term Ecommerce Success

6 Guidelines for Setting the Right Content Goals for Your Business

SEO Tactics to Embrace in 2015

What’s the Future of Link Building? | Search Engine Journal


Brochure Design: 25 Tips to Create Marketing Materials That Sell – Design School

8 Design Trends to Watch in 2015 [Infographic]


Best Test Tube Logo Designs You’d Love | Naldz Graphics

This week “Fresh from the SPRING” features a talented, endearing, and enduring Creative: Janisa | crowdSPRING Blog

What is branding? – YouTube

Design Simple & Effective Type Logos – Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorial –


Build Them Faster. 15 Platforms & Tools For Website Creation

How to Enable SSL for Localhost using MAMP

Ebook: Interaction Design Best Practices (Time & Behavior)

How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress

How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress

40 CSS Buttons, Tutorials, Snippets in our Web Design Takeaway | NOUPE

3D hover plane effect


How Apple Became A Car Company | Fast Company | Business + Innovation


What Does A Union Look Like In The Gig Economy? | Fast Company | Business +

Your Employer’s Plans To Make You Healthier Don’t Work–Because Your Job Is Killing You | Co.Exist | ideas + impact