Twitter Link Roundup #253 – Wonderful resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

The Super Bowl is one week away and boy are we excited! Not so much abut the game, or the ads, or the half-time spectacle, but rather for the inevitable swipes, jokes, and satire that will follow. Get warmed up with this video and learn what the players, coaches, and officials are really saying down there on the field!

So… read my lips: it’s time for our weekly roundup! Great links and articles we shared with you over the past week on our  crowdSPRING Twitter account (as well as my own Twitter account). We do like to talk about logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! I hope you enjoy!


Hold Hands and Leverage Your Customer Service |crowdSPRING Blog  –

Ways to Say ‘No’ That Won’t Damage Business or Relationships

What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?

Seriously Easy Ways to Spark Your Creative Energy

MBA: Worth Your Time or Money?


The Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs

How To Work With Different Productivity Styles | Fast Company –

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Chris Dixon About Venture Capital and Startups | by

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others | NYT –

Get the Boss to Buy In – HBR

Help Your Overwhelmed, Stressed-Out Team – HBR

Quotes to Inspire Great Team Productivity

The Characteristics of the Most Successful Teams | by

The Authenticity Paradox – HBR

Immigrant entrepreneurs boost ‘main streets’ in Nashville

How to Manage the Wall Street Roller Coaster

Technology’s Impact on Workers | Pew Research Center –

Maynard Webb, Yahoo’s Chairman: Even the Best Teams Can Be Better

Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions

Things That Separate the Great Entrepreneurs From the Rest

The Year in Startup Funding (Infographic)

This Entrepreneur Is Making His Own Waves

You’ll Never Control Expenses If Your Team Doesn’t Know What Anything Costs

11 hacks to get meetings with investors in Silicon Valley — Medium


5 Tips to Help Your Colleagues Become Successful Content Creators

The Most Misunderstood Facts About Building a Business on YouTube –

The Increasing Growth Rates of SaaS Companies | by

Texting Is The New Email–Does Your Company Do It Right? | Fast Company –

Qvotr – like Pinterest for words!

How to Conduct a Content Audit for Quality and Audience Experience – Copyblogger


From Tile to Toilets: 10 Modern Bathroom Trends – Design Milk

Typography 35: The Annual of the Type Directors Club | My Design Shop

The Urban Dictionary Of Design Slang | Co.Design | business + design

10 Classic Wisdoms for Creatives and Mad Men – Print Magazine

Designing For Print With CSS – Smashing Magazine

5 of the Best Book Covers of 2014 – Print Magazine

A 3-D Printed Car, Ready for the Road

Super Creative Wallpapers | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

100 greatest free fonts of 2014 | Webdesigner Depot

The Top 4 Artistic Apps of 2014 – Print Magazine

Where the Heck Did Design Annuals Come From? – Print Magazine

How Designers Turn Data Into Beautiful Infographics | Co.Design –

What Designers Can Learn From Copywriters

What If Nike Sold Oranges And Apple Sold iMilk? | Co.Design | business + design

Prayers From 10 Spiritual Traditions, Gorgeously Illustrated | Co.Design | business +


Importance of Color in Brand Identity

“Fresh from the SPRING” features the fantastic designer Konstantin! | crowdSPRING Blog –


Getting Started With Redux Framework |Tuts+ Code Tutorial –

Top 5 WordPress Tools for Email List Management

CSS you can get excited about in 2015 | Webdesigner Depot

How to Create Your Own Workout Diary With WordPress – WPMU DEV

Add a Dynamic “Back to Top” Button to Your WordPress Site – WPMU DEV

Designing for Web in 2015 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration


A Day With Apple Pay | NY Times –

Why Google beats Facebook in mobile conversions | ThoughtGadgets –


MMVIII on Fashion Served

This Calendar Grows A Beard All Year Long | Co.Design –

Charlie Hebdo Returns With The Prophet Muhammad On Its Cover | Co.Design –

29 Fascinating Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen Before –

F.C.C. Sets Vote on Broadband Rules for February

MPAA Chief Chris Dodd on Sony Hack: ‘I Should Have Been More Vocal’ | Variety –

These 11 Technologies Will Go Big in 2015 | Singularity HUB

New law spells end for many small Spanish businesses, and local history | Fox News –

Odd Pears Colorful Fun Socks – Design Milk

A World Transfixed by Screens – Fubiz

When Nature And Geometry Collide, These Photos Get Surreal | Co.Design –

Massive pixelated interior created with Lowes’ paint swatches | DesignFaves