Twitter Link Roundup #160 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More


Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account, I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Here are some of the links that I’ve liked and shared this past week!

The image above shows a Chimera monkey, created by combining up to six distinct embryos from rhesus monkeys. The embryos were combined to help scientists understand the role that specific genes play in embryonic development. You can find this, and 26 other science fictions that became science facts in 2012, in the Other section below.

25 Awesome Free Google Tools for Marketers –

Why Menus Suck + Other Deep Thoughts on the Food Tech Revolution. | Dave McClure –

Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013 –

Early Evidence Is Often Too Early And Not Really Evidence –

Why Malls Are Getting Mauled | Jeff Jordan –

Fear of Amazon Pushes Retailers to Take On Risks of Same-Day Shipping –

How One Startup Grew a $100M Business Without Spending Venture Capital | Forbes –

Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013 –

Don’t Accidentally Bootstrap Yourself to Death | saastr –

Single User Utility In A Social System (by Fred Wilson) –

8 Major Tech Predictions for 2013 | Business Insider –

Early Evidence Is Often Too Early And Not Really Evidence –

“Pay with a Tweet” and Other Growth Hacking Examples | Venture Capital Cafe –

9 Beliefs You Need to Succeed at Anything –

The 5 Traits All Top Performers Share | Fast Company –

Step one is admitting you have a problem –

Give Before You Get | LinkedIn –

Facebook: This Is The Bet You Are Making | Seeking Alpha –

Analysis: For tech investors, it’s hard to know when to bolt | Reuters –

The highs and lows of startup life (by @joelgascoigne) –

It’s Not a Bubble, People; It’s a Pyramid Scheme | peHUB –

The pitfall of lock in –

Why Smart People Are Stupid | The New Yorker –

Amazon Is Ripe For Disruption | Forbes –

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids –

Doubtliers: Dangers Learning From The Exceptional –

10 Lessons I’ve Learned During My First Three Months As a Founder (by @lenkendall) | @Technori –

“your business plan cannot be secret anymore.” | by @fraying –

More Than 1,000 Seed-Funded Startups Are Destined To Be ‘Orphaned’ At The Series A Stage –

“To make progress, we need to be able to imagine alternative realities, and not just any old reality but a better one” –

Americans take too little time off – not good to be ahead of the pack on this issue –

Funding startups that rely on advertising (by @bijan) –

Good reminder on how to better promote innovation … But which is the sideshow? –

Lightbank Aims To Change The VC Game As It Expands Its Investments Beyond Chicago | TechCrunch –

Websites Vary Prices, Deals Based on Users’ Information –

SaaS 101: 7 Simple Lessons From Inside HubSpot (by @dharmesh) –

Revenue is the new black | Gigaom –

When is it Time to Pivot or Quit? (by @byosko) –

For Startup Accelerators, (Class) Size Does Matter | WSJ –

Dear Silicon Valley, Ads Are the Hard Part | Digiday –

The Other Person is Never the Problem | zenhabits –

Revenue Doesn’t Matter –

25 Awesome Free Google Tools for Marketers –

Telecommuting may be terrible for your work/life balance | Slate Magazine –

Taking Off The Rose Colored Glasses | Dan Shipper –

Why Menus Suck + Other Deep Thoughts on the Food Tech Revolution. | Dave McClure –

Will 2013 Be Harder For Startups Than 2012? (by Brad Feld) –

Building A Brand Consumers Can Believe In | Fast Company –

Applying Digitial Marketing Techniques To Retail Shopping | crowdSPRING Blog –

Facebook Could Now Advertise To Children, Thanks To Updated Federal Privacy Rules –

Dear Silicon Valley, Ads Are the Hard Part | Digiday –

Will 2013 be the year of conversion optimisation? | Econsultancy –

Is Agile Marketing the Future of Search in 2013? | Search Engine Watch –

The New York Times Paywall Is Working Better Than Anyone Had Guessed | Bloomberg –

Instagram Reversal Doesn’t Appease Everyone | NYT –

Weathering the Content and Data Storm | Digiday –

IAB: US Interactive Ad Revenues Hit $9.3 Billion, A Record High, In Q3 –

Study: Almost 50% of top Pinterest pins link to webpages that don’t exist | VentureBeat –

25 Awesome Free Google Tools for Marketers –

Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013 –

Five Trends Driving Traditional Retail Towards Extinction | Forbes –

25+ Fresh Business Cards Ideas to Inspire You | Bloom Web Design Blog –

10 Incredible New Free Fonts –

Stylish And Bizzare Steampunk Designs | Inspihive –

33 Creative Global Warming Poster Designs for your inspiration –

Apparently, taking a very long hike makes you more creative. Good to know –

Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012 | NYT –

Ultimate Business Card Design Kit: Tutorials, Templates, Tips & Tricks and a Showcase –

Exquisite and Beautiful Examples of Brochure Design | youandsaturation –

Showcasing The Art Of Vintage Typography Designs –

65 Inspiring Examples Of Big Typography Designs –

16 Free Grid Fonts For Your Designs –

Design and Photography Inspiration –

12 New Free Fonts for your Design Projects –

30 Stylish Packaging Designs –

26 Creative & Cool T-shirts Designs –

40 Clever and Creative Shopping Bag Designs –

Free Texture Friday –

40 Free Beautiful Photoshop Bokeh Brushes –

Sustainable Package Design –

35 Aspiring Free Photoshop Brushes | Dzinepress –

40 Free Best Photoshop Brush Packs –

35 Beautiful Typographic T-Shirt Designs –

Apparently, taking a very long hike makes you more creative –

16 Of The Year’s Best Ideas In UI Design |Co.Design –

Roundup of Free Vintage Ornament & Floral Vectors –

Superb Examples of Vector Illustrations Featuring Portraits –

26 Beautiful Examples Of Creative Brochure Designs –

100 Free Photoshop Brushes For Designers –

Design: What is the most elegant idea ever? | Quora –

Legal Contracts for Software Developers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) –

Legal Contracts for Graphic Designers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) –

50 Outstanding logo designs –

45 Examples of Negative Space Logo Designs –

30 Amazing Dual Meaning Logos That Will Impress You –

26 Remarkable Examples Of Branding, Identity and Logo Designs | Graphic Design Junction –

12 New Free Fonts for your Design Projects –

20 Amazing and Creative Logo Designs | 92pixels –

50 Stunning RSS Symbol Inspired Logo Designs –

Collection of Single Letter Logo Design Inspiration –

Showcase of Amazing Website Navigation Designs –

Best web design tools you should be using for 2013 –

What Does it Mean to be Simple? | 52 Weeks of UX –

30 Tutorials to Master Typography in Design | CrazyLeaf Design Blog –

30 Tutorials and Guides for Responsive Design | Creativeoverflow –

User Interface Design Inspiration – 45 Lovely Switches –

Popular Web Design Trends from 2012 | Speckyboy –

35+ Amazingly Designed 404 Pages –

25 Fresh HTML5 jQuery And CSS3 Tutorials –

16 Of The Year’s Best Ideas In UI Design |Co.Design –

37 Popular Shots Focused on Brilliant Website User Interfaces | SpyreStudios –

The Top 5 Website UX Trends of 2012 | UX Magazine –

Best Showcase of Retro and Vintage Web Design | Designs Madness –

Blurred Backgrounds Use in Web Design –

30 Professional Looking e-Commerce Web Designs –

Useful Wireframe Tools for Web Designers | You The Designer –

21 Inspiring Examples of Texture Use in Web Design –

Impressive and Trendy Web Design Showcase | Queness –

10 Incredibly Unique Landing Page Designs | iBrandStudio –

25 Inspiring Examples of iPhone App Websites –

Damn You Auto Correct! » The 50 Most Hilarious Autocorrects Of 2012! –

The science of new year’s resolutions: Why 88% fail and how to make them work | The Buffer blog –

Instead of Making Resolutions, Dream | Whitney Johnson-Harvard Business Review –

20 Tech Trends That Will Define 2013, Selected By Frog –

The 25 best reads on the web this year | The Verge –

The future of science in 2013 | The Guardian –

27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012 –

Innovation: What are the best new products that people don’t know about? | Quora –

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids –

20 Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy | The Design Inspiration –

16 abbreviated company names explained | The Week –

True professionals don’t fear amateurs –

Apparently, taking a very long hike makes you more creative –

Epic poetry written using spam, spam and more spam. by e.e. @benkunz –

The weirdest, wackiest and coolest sci/tech stories of 2012 –

The 10 most read books on Brain Pickings this year –

The Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2012 –

100 Ideas That Changed Art | Brain Pickings –

US Soldier Suicides Outnumber Combat Deaths In 2012 –

Fun diversion … Eight little known historical facts…. | MadMikesAmerica –

Apple Falls to Four-Year Low in Online Customer Satisfaction Survey | AllThingsD –

Faking It: A Visual History of 150 Years of Image Manipulation Before Photoshop | Brain Pickings –

Good analysis of the Zipcar purchase by Avis | Felix Salmon, Reuters –

I hope you enjoy these links! Please leave a comment and let me know what you liked/didn’t like.