Twitter Link Roundup #15 – Design, Small Business, Social Media And More

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account, I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Here are some of the links that I’ve liked and shared this past week!

800+ Categorized Photoshop Tutorials, Plugins and Brushes –

50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory –

The Ultimate Round-Up of Print Design Tutorials –

Crucial Rules to Follow When Designing a Logo –

Can Creative Commons Licensed Works Be Used For Logo Design? NO. Here’s why –

20 Tutorials For Creating HDR Images –

33 Creative Photoshop Tutorials for Manipulating Photos –

Interactivity in Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide –

10 User Interface Design Fundamentals –

43 High Quality Tutorial Sites to Start Learning Web Design –

5 Design Practices to Improve Efficiency in Photoshop –

How to Make an Impressive Blog Layout in Photoshop –

The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing –

Unique Places for Interface Design Inspiration –

Creative Interview with designer Richard Darell aka @Minervity

28 Excellent Examples of Using Gradient Effects in Web Design –

100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images –

Most Used and Abused Web Design Trends of All Time –

How to effectively clean up a logo in illustrator with the pathfinder tool –

Make yourself an Amazing Typographic Portrait –

100 Artworks from the Top Digital Artists in Asia –

Photoshop Selections: The Lasso Tool –

Website/Blog Thumbnails: Examples & Best Practices –

How to Create an Ice Sculpture In Photoshop –

Effective Strategy To Estimate Time For Your Design Projects –

95+ Great Photoshop Tutorials to Learn Awesome Photo Manipulation Tricks –

30 Useful Photoshop Buttons and Badges Tutorials –

20 Remarkable Retro Photography + Vintage Style Photoshop Tutorials –

Famous logos made out of lego –

18 Awesome logos using the color orange –

Captchas: Tough on Sales and Common Way to Test User Tolerance –

Amazing Package Design Inspiration: 40 Favorite Beverage Package Designs –

101 Techniques for a Powerful CMS using WordPress –

The Best Logo Designs Created by You – Part 1 –

Quiz: So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica? –

FREE e-book: Contracts for Software Developers Who Hate Contracts –

FREE e-book: Contracts for Designers Who Hate Contracts –

Outsourcing and design –

Thoughts for small businesses & startups on raising capital –

6 Tips For Startups (and small business) About Fundraising –

TED TALK: Dave Logan on tribal leadership (about motivating and getting the most out of your teams) –

Startup Tip: You Must Have Real Passion About Your Idea If You Want To Succeed –

Important for leaders to recognize this: Strengths become weaknesses –

Startup Tip: Share Your Experience With Others. They’ll benefit, and so will you. Here’s why –

Startup Tip: Focus On Your Business. Don’t Obsess About Your Title –

Startup Tip: To Execute Your Strategy Successfully – Look At The Big Picture –

How to Avoid Eight Common Leadership Blunders –

Excellent tipsfor entrepreneurs and startups thinking about VC funding –

5 tips for startups and small business: You’ll Make Lots of Mistakes. Don’t Obsess About Them –

Thoughts for small businesses & startups on raising capital –

5 tips for startups and small business: You’ll Make Lots of Mistakes. Don’t Obsess About Them –

6 Tips For Startups (and small business) About Fundraising –

A riff on why consumers often don’t believe your brand –

Why we called Starbucks stupid, and why you lie too much –

Would you criticize a brand you covet as a client or employer? –

The End Of Marketer-Blogger Relationships? –

A Question of Free: Should Coffee Shops Charge For Web Access? –

100 Twitter Feeds to Make You a Better Teacher –

In Defense of Godin, Google, and Open Systems –

Different Kinds Of Twitterers: What’s The Right Balance For Business? –

British Court Issues Injunction on Twitter –

How to Talk to the A-list while arriving on the D-List –

Interesting analysis (with some new information) about Twitter –

80% of Twitter users self-focused –

10 Unspoken Rules (nuances, realities, etc) of Twitter –

Who rules the Social Web? –

Trials and Tribulations of SpecWork and CrowdSpring –

Interview by @ducttape (small biz mktg expert) w/ @crowdspring about crowdsourcing graphic design –

Amazing Art History Education Website — Smarthistory —

The Cover Story – interview w/ Alex Bogusky – @bogusky – about New Media project on crowdSPRING –

crowdSPRING: A Job Source for Designers –

Secret to successful community building? Be a great gardener, avoid temptation to landscape –

7 Reasons To Stick With Agency Smarts Rather Than The Wisdom Of Crowds –

IDEO crowdsources the future of climate change –

Pepsi and think crowdsourcing is cool – do you? –

TED Blog: 100 Websites You Should Know and Use –

The Big VC Thaw – Why The Market is Moving Again (part 2 of 3) and what you should do about it –

Apparently, Wikipedia is like…Bowling –

Crowdsourcing hits the mainstream, with this week’s episode of House, M.D. –

Unilever’s So-Called Crowdsourcing –

crowdSPRING Welcomes The World – our visitors come from nearly every country on Earth –

A New Media Book That’s Actually Fun to Read – about Bob Garfield’s The Chaos Scenario –

Up Close With Google Search Options –

Cute Expression Photos Of Eggs –

I hope you enjoy these links! If you can spare a minute, please leave a comment and let me know what you liked/didn’t like.