Twitter Link Roundup #118 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account, I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Here are some of the links that I’ve liked and shared this past week!

The video above is a new Super Bowl commercial from Honda, featuring Matthew Broderick and reminding us how much we loved Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

What Zappos Can Teach You About Becoming Irresistible to Customers –

Gamification: The buzzword that can ruin your apps and business –

Fail Your Way to Success –

Got Early Startup Competition? Here’s Why I Think You’re Fine –

crowdSPRING’s Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Geben Communication –

Fail Your Way to Success –

Hiring for Lean Startups: The First Few Hires –

Outsourcing, crowdsourcing and crowdSPRING –

Ignore TechCrunch, Don’t skip your MVP, and be Data-Driven –

Solid advice for entrepreneurs – Startups are not a chess game –

Got Early Startup Competition? Here’s Why I Think You’re Fine –

What Zappos Can Teach You About Becoming Irresistible to Customers –

When has a consumer startup hit product/market fit? –

…Because Most SEOs Don’t Know What Strategy Means –

Gamification: The buzzword that can ruin your apps and business –

Tony Hsieh’s new $350 million startup –

To-Do Lists Don’t Work –

Google+ demographics are predictable –

Study: Only 1% of Facebook ‘Fans’ Engage With Brands –

Not surprising to see ad agencies shedding employees –

Why Necessity Will Soon Make Facebook The World’s Largest Mobile Ad Network –

Klout means nothing, because attention is not influence –

Aging in Adland: The Gray-Hair Phobia That’s Hindering Older Execs –

Facebook Pads Its Lead Over Yahoo in Online Display Ads With 28% of Market –

Pinterest Rivals Twitter in Referral Traffic –

Seven observations on the 2012 Super Bowl ads –

…Because Most SEOs Don’t Know What Strategy Means –

A very handy guide to mobile advertising –

Report: Search Ad Spend To Rise 27% In 2012 –

Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers [INFOGRAPHIC] –

41 New and Fresh Fonts for Your Design Projects –

55 Fresh And Free Texture Packs To Spice Up Your Designs –

Free High Quality Leather Textures for your Design –

30 Beautiful and Elegant Wedding Fonts –

55 FREE Awesome High Quality Wood Textures –

20 Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icon Packs –

28 Free Slab Serif Fonts –

50 Great Label and Paper Tags Designs –

Ten Things To Think About When Designing Your iPad App –

35 Highly Advanced Yet Simple To Use jQuery Plugins –

50 Superb Examples of Vintage Package Designs Used for Modern Products –

Fresh Resources for Creative Designers #3 –

94 Free Colorful Bokeh Textures –

Legal Contracts for Software Developers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template tco use today) –

Legal Contracts for Graphic Designers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) –

15 Brilliant Tutorials On How To Design A Logo –

41 New and Fresh Fonts for Your Design Projects –

40 Negative Space Logo Designs –

22 Examples of Love and Dating Logo Design –

Fascinating – logos seen through a five year old’s eyes –

33 Inspiring Examples of Heart Logo –

35 Excellent 3D Logo Design –

32 Brilliant Design Examples of Book Logo –

25 Glorious Charity and Non-Profit Web Designs –

Creative Uses of Illustration in Web Design –

14 Beautifully Designed Church Websites –

The Proxority Principle in WebDesign –

6 Best Ways to Add Texture to a Website Design –

Landing Pages Guide 101: Create Landing Pages that Work –

50+ Creative Examples of Websites Designed With HTML5 –

25 Examples of Super Wide Website Designs –

DIY Branding, Self-published Fame, and Romantic Trolls –

Crowd-Sourced Labor: Will It Trump Permanent Employment? –

Outsourcing, crowdsourcing and crowdSPRING –

If you’re curious how wi-fi was invented and developed, read this article –

An interesting drill-down into Apple’s valuation –

Understanding J.C. Penney’s Risky New Pricing Strategy –

Amazon S3 Reports Staggering Growth in 2011 –

Is Apple building a holographic TV? –

New CMU Study Shows How Firms Can Successfully Crowdsource High Potential New Product Ideas From Consumers –

TED2013 is crowdsourcing speakers – nice to see –

Ferris Bueller is back (sort of) … in a Honda commercial –

Amazon Misses; Q4 Sales Up 35% To $17.4B; Net Income Down 58% To $177M –

A horribly awesome Twitter recruiting video –

Stupid & short-sighted. Warner Bros. now adding restrictions to your Netflix DVD queue –

Here’s crowdSPRING’s @chrisdetmer playing an original tune at a recent performance in Chicago –

crowdSPRING writer interview: 12 Questions: Meet Vinay and Asha (India) –

I hope you enjoy these links! Please leave a comment and let me know what you liked/didn’t like.