Twitter Link Round Up

Every week on the crowdSPRING Twitter account, I post loads and loads of fun links pertaining to logo design, web design, social media, business, online marketing, and more! However, due to the fast-paced nature of microblogging, these links become buried within a few hours.

So, I figured that it’d be nice to start the week off with a list of links that I’ve found and posted over our Twitter feed from the past week. Enjoy the schmorgasboard of URLs!

“Helvetica” Movie Poster in the International Typographic Style Flickr Pool.

Design Related:
Photoshop CS4 Real Mockup (Flickr)
Illustration Class (tutorials)
International Typographic Style (Flickr)
36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work (Job Mob)
Incestuous Design (Digital Mash)
Top 10 Blogs About the Intersection of Design + Activism (
Share Some Candy (visual bookmarking)
Give Up and Use Tables (table generator)
Typeface (typography movie)
Logo Design Process of Inspirational Graphic Designer Jon Sandruck (All Graphic Design)

Social Media / Marketing:
Monitter (real-time Twitter search tracking )
Twitter Background Customization Template (Boin Blog)
Juglir (upcoming iPhone app)
In Era of Blog Sniping, Companies Shoot First (New York Times)
The True Value of Social Media Consultants (Horse Pig Cow)
How to Stay Up When The Chips Are Down (UserGlue)
Battle of the Sexes – Social Media Style (Small Biz Bee)
Does “Getting Real” Work in This Economy? (37signals)

Random Fun:
Target Launches Digital Camera Giftcard (Core 77)
Social Souvenir (Museum of Denmark)
What is reCAPTCHA? (reCAPTCHA)
Make Custom-Printed Fabric Using Your Photos (Photojojo)
Israeli Candidate Borrows a (Web) Page from Obama (New York Times)