Twitter Link Round Up (1-12-09)

Friday I’m Iceman to Angeline’s Goose.

CrowdSPRING “Give Back” project – for an organization helping Chicago’s non-profit community –

Who has the coolest hat? Angeline, Pete or Jerome (the French Guy)

Angeline (crowdSPRING’s prior community mgr) and Stuart (deputy of awesome at crowdSPRING) comparing winter hats.

Actually useful invention (so I don’t get smoked by a car this summer):

Thursday Great advice: 5 Tips to get your Unsigned Bands to stand out from the Rest!

I so am getting one of these:

Creepy…but cool at the same time:

If the World was Made up of 100 People:

Muppet Photoshop=Win


Oh man. This is like web design porn. Noooooooooooooooooo

This is pretty much the pinnacle of mankind:

10 Things that need to be redesigned:


I am so screwed:

You can’t fold like this, but if you can…call me I want an origami death star: Cool stools!

Cool blog I found. Unorthodox design but high rewards for those that take a deep look:

Monday: This is why we dream people. So we can build ridiculous ridiculous things.

SharkGull Hungry!