The November cS Award and the October cS Award Winners!

Last summer, we announced that we would issue a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

November cS Award

This month we are hosting another fun project! We need a new T-shirt designed for cS, and with the holidays on the horizon we figure we can get it done in time. The project went live yesterday and you can read all about it and participate here!

We’re offering several awards to the winners in the project, and your entry could be one of those!

The November cS Awards will be given to the 3 Creatives who submit the most creative, inventive, and original T-shirt designs in the project. We’re open to just about any ideas and, in fact, we like things that are creative and different!

To be eligible, you must upload in at least 1 design while the project is open. We are offering 3 awards, so be sure to participate!

Good luck to everyone!

And now…. the October cS Award Winners….

The October awards were to go to the Creative who submitted best ideas for face painting designs for kids. We received almost 700 entries(!) to the project from almost 250 of you. Wow!

The work was outstanding and the choice was really difficult, but we were able to narrow it down and select the 3 best entries from three incredibly talented Creatives.

We are so happy to announce that the October cS Awards will go to shufanok24Kosa, and Designer24 for their outstanding entries in the project!

shufanok24 is based in Manila, and has been a member of the crowdSPRING community for almost a year now. He has participated close to 100 projects and won 7 of those! Kosa lives in Indonesia, has been a member of the site since 2010, has participated in 43 projects in that time and been awarded 5 times. And finally, Designer24 is a new member of cS having joined this past May. He is based in the US, has already participated in 166 projects and won 2.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and congratulations to shufanok24Kosa, and Designer24 for their wonderful creativity!