The Measure Of A True Professional – Demo Conference

Yesterday, crowdSPRING was privileged to present and launch our new product – crowdSPRING Pro – at the Demo Conference in San Diego, California. Let me offer a few thoughts on why we were privileged to present at Demo:

1. Professional team. From the moment we received an initial call from the Demo team earlier this summer and in every single interaction with the Demo team at the conference, it was clear that we were dealing with true professionals. These are people that have put on successful conferences for many years. Every single person we’ve met clearly understood that the Demo conference is about the companies presenting at Demo, not about the Demo conference. And the team never wavered from this. Chris Shipley’s post from a few days before the Demo Conference began put this into perspective. And we really were impressed at what happend after Chris Shipley’s post. The Demo team executed. The conference was on time and the team put on a professional conference without losing focus and without forgetting that a conference should be about the companies, not about the conference.

2. Professional contractors. Every single contractor hired by Demo is top notch. The entire A/V crew is outstanding. These guys are really good at what they do. They do a super job. They make people comfortable, they help people to look good and to sound good, and they make sure that things work. They too know that a conference is about the companies, not about the conference. Huge thanks to the A/V crew for all of their hard work. Even the little things were amazing – they gave us hot towels to wipe our faces before we went on stage! Their readiness and dedication to their work is unlike any I’ve ever seen at a technology conference. If I were putting on a conference – I would want these guys on MY team.  

3. Professional services. When we attend conferences, we take for granted the difficulty of making sure that hundreds of users have access to the Internet. And we often take for granted the difficulty of making sure that demonstrators and presenting companies have Internet access at their booths. It’s not easy to provide good Internet access to 700 users and it takes careful planning to make sure that companies at the conference are able to present their products without interruption. Demo executed without a hitch. Every company demonstrating at Demo had Internet access. Everyone in the audience, as best as I could tell, had wi-fi access. At all times. 

Before co-founding crowdSPRING, I spent thirteen years as an attorney, representing companies around the world in complex commercial and intellectual property disputes. In that time, I’ve worked closely with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies and small Internet start-ups. I believe that they all would have been impressed with the team, the contractors and the services. One could debate forever whether something that costs money is better or worse than something that’s free – I guess it depends on one’s perspective. But what’s tougher to debate is execution of a plan. Execution speaks for itself.

Everyone knows that there is much noise on the Internet. It’s tough for a start-up to get noticed – even start-ups that have great products. That’s why technology conferences are so important – they give start-ups a venue to reach an audience, to reach the media, and to reach VC companies. When a conference becomes more about the conference than about the companies, the noise intensifies instead of decreasing. And this noise is particularly damaging when a conference can’t execute their plan.

At the end of the day – as I’ve always believed – success is about attitude, hard work, and performance. While we don’t know yet whether our participation at the Demo conference will prove to have been a great investment, we do know already that the conference has been top-notch. The attitude, hard work, and performance – by the Demo team and their contractors – allowed us to present our product in the best way possible. That’s all we could ask of them.

Attitude, hard work and performance – that’s a measure of a true professional. And we feel really privileged to have witnessed true professionalism at Demo.