The May cS Awards and the April cS Awards Finalists!

Back in 2011, we announced a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

The May cS Award

We’re pretty excited for the May cS award. It’s our first foray into video! So dust off your reel, brush up on your AfterEffects skills, and let’s get ready to render.

We’re asking for :30 to :60 second clips from a favorite, existing motion design, visual effect or animation project. The submissions can be brand spanking new and created especially for this award or they can be a favorite existing clips for which you own the rights.

Show us the fun, creative work you’re most proud of. Show us WHY your clients love you.

When you submit your clip, please include a small statement along with your submission that talks about what you like about the clip you chose and why it’s special to you.

We’ll invite the world to vote on our favorite clips and the winner will get $1,000.

So upload your best and favorite clip here. And please tell your friends! We’re all looking forward to seeing your directorial debuts!

And now…. the April cS Award Finalists….

The April cS award offered 3 awards to Creatives that uploaded at least 5 new entries to their cS portfolio during the month of April. There are three awards for this little baby, but we were really blown away by all the participation and each and every one of the entries. We’ve made our top 5 picks below and now it’s your turn to leave comments, votes, and endorsements in the comment section of this blog post. We will take all remarks into account and choose winners in the next few days.

And now a quick overview of our finalists (presented in no particular order):satya

The First finalist is satyagumilang. Satya comes to us from Indonesia and has over 14 years of IT and website development experience. They like to focus on excellency and great experience. We’re happy to have you on board!
black cat design

The second finalist is BlackCatDesign. Black Cat Design is based in Athens, Greece and actually teaches graphic design, typography, and multimedia design. Three cheers for shaping the youth of this world!

You can find our third finalist bildix’s portfolio here. Bildix is based in the United States and has a whopping 50 winning entries! Congrats on being a finalist for the May cS award!

PixelWhipped is our fourth finalist. PixelWhipped has been on crowdSRPING since 2011. They specialize in logo design and naming projects.

And finally, our fifth finalist is ag16design. Check out their portfolio here. Ag16design is none other than Andrea Gondi who comes to us from Serbia with a background as a freelance graphic designer. She’s been a member since 2011 and has been awarded 9 projects.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the April cS awards. We appreciated all your hard work and wonderful entries.

Now, please help us figure out who has the best portfolio, among the five finalists. Who do you think most deserves the award and why? What do you love about their portfolio? Leave a comment in response to this post and let us know.