The March cS Award and the February cS Award Winners!

Back in 2011, we announced a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

The March cS Award

For the past couple of months we have focused on challenging the community to find the best way to brand themselves or their companies. This month we want to put your skills to work on something a little different. Advertising. crowdSPRING is curious to see what kind of advertising creativity we have in the community, so we are launching this project to see what you all can do. We want you to come up with a campaign, an ad, a graphic, a stunt, a PR strategy, a Social Media storm, or anything you can think of that will help a very special “client.”

YOUR CHALLENGE? Create a “campaign pitch” for the United States Congress! As we know Congress’s approval ratings are in the basement and they could use some help improving their image through creative advertising, marketing, PR, social media, etc. Basically we will ask you to help improve the Congressional brand image through a campaign or tactic. We are looking for anything fun: entire creative campaigns, or partial campaigns – anything really: print ads, mailers, internet campaigns, social media, stunts, PR wherever your imagination takes you!

So… the March cS Awards will be given to the 3 Creatives who submit the coolest, most interesting, craziest, or most engaging campaign, ad, tactic, or effort for the US Congress! To be eligible, you just need upload at least 1 entry while the project is open. Remember that we are offering 3 awards, so be sure to participate!

Good luck to everyone!

And now…. the February cS Award Winners….

The February cS award offered 5 awards to Creatives who submitted the most engaging and interesting “About me” content as part of our ongoing effort to encourage personal branding in our community.

The project was a great success, with 182 entries from the community and the work was stellar. We encourage all of you to create an “About Me” and get it posted in your own mySPRING Profile!

Award #1 goes to sgtslogan who has been a member of our community for since April of 2011, and has participated in 151 projects in that time and been awarded once before. Mike is from the United States and contributes great work to crowdSPRING projects!

Mike’s entry: “Rags to riches,” conjures an image of one leaving the estate of poverty for something more substantial. But for me, The Word Smith, I want more from this phrase. Words: rags, riches…too flat. Can I juice them up a bit? Sure I can. How about, “Burlap to Cashmere?” Now The Word Smith is taking you somewhere. The rags are defined. The riches are refined. Burlap: that irritatingly scratchy sackcloth used to store coffee beans. And, cashmere: the garment fitting for a king’s skin…warm, soft, luxurious. Now say it, “burrrrrlap.” Again, “cashmere.” Now its about phonics. How does it sound? The words sound the way they feel. Burlap, blah. Cashmere, ahhh! Hi folks! I’m Mike or more familiar to you as SgtSlogan. I just described the function and purpose of a word smith. My job is finding the right word or phrase for your product, service, business name or tag line. It’s all about the words. I love words. A few of my favorite would include: apothecary, menagerie, sizzle, and of course…perpendicular. Like, “ Is your wibb wobbler working Perpendicular to your wrastling jacket?” Funny phrase handed down from Grandma Gert. In any case, my goal is to get you out of that “burlap” and get you fitted in some “cashmere.” *note: Burlap to Cashmere is the name of a band. And a good name too!

stevenreid603 is the winner of cS Award #2! Steven lives in the UK and has been a crowdSPRING Creative since this past October. He has participated in 10 projects in that time and this is hios very first win!

Steven’s entry:  “Hi. I’m Steven. “Wickedly creative, I can craft you a name or tagline that arouses passion and intrigue in your customer. You may have heard the advice that says you have to grab your customer’s attention. Ignore it: You have to seduce. No one likes to be grabbed. I take words and shape them in to objects of beauty and fascination. I believe wholeheartedly that people are not drawn to names and taglines because they are attention grabbing or simply informative, but because they result in a positive emotional experience. Do I smile with satisfaction or relief or anticipation when I see your name or tagline? I may not even be consciously aware of the seduction – but I am moved by it. When this happens you really are in the mind and heart of your customer. What I am singularly good at is finding emotion based words to describe a business, a product or a service. Surrender to temptation and take a peek at what I have to offer. Let the seduction begin…

About Me Award #3 was given to ArtiniBar, who has been working on the site since September, 2010. Alex is a wonderful writer who has participated in 884(!) projects and has won 18! Alex lives in the US and we were excited to see his newest work! Congrats!

Alex’s entry: 15 facts about ArtiniBar:
1. I created my first logo in 1995 with ClarisWorks, (aka AppleWorks) on a Macintosh Performa 575.
2. That logo is still being used today.
3. I have been on eight game shows and won $$ on six of them (hence my addiction)
4. I like using the word “hence” when I write, yet I never use it when I speak.
5. I realized the power of a cool name starting in grade school and wanted lots and lots of kids so I could show off my naming skills.
6. By the time I reached adulthood, I thought having a couple pets would be an easier way of showing off my naming skills.
7. I’ve been in a real life car chase.
8. I am always the loudest screamer on a rollercoaster…or in a car chase.
9. Participating on crowdSPRING is sometimes like being on a rollercoaster .
10. I’m always looking for an excuse to buy that new expensive font.
11. “Buyer Assured” projects gives me that excuse.
12. I’m a self-improvement junkie.
13. I’m actively seeking a self- improvement book to help me with my addiction.
14. My favorite kind of people are entrepreneurs, inventors, comedians and people that carry the Greenpeace clipboards.
15. Fantasy Gig: A design job for Dave Matthews…. or renaming all 19 of those Duggar kids.

cS Award #4 goes to Gamlane. A brand new member of the community – Benard  is from France, just joined the site this year, and has participated in 6 projects. So far, he has won 1 and we’re excited to watch as he keeps up the great work!

Benard’s entry, “I’m a leather-wearing acoustic guitar player and word snob who would write even without getting paid for it. But hey, someone’s gotta feed the fish.”




Finally, Award #5 went to TiffSilverberg, who has been a member of our community since August, 2011! Tiffany has participated in 659 projects and has won 20 of those. She lives in the United States and specializes in Naming projects, and we expect her to win many more of! Thanks, Tiffany!

Tiffany’s entry: I love words… a lot.

I collect dictionaries like most people collect… anything cooler than dictionaries.

I bring an innate sense of language, grammar, communication, and syntax to your business. Because not everyone likes staring at blank pages and a mess full of words…. but I do.

Now… let’s get your words to work!”