The king of pop is dead. Long live the king of pop.

All of us here at crowdSPRING saddened with the passing of Michael Jackson yesterday. But mourning was quickly replaced with warm-hearted memories and reflection – how his music had taken part in all our lives. He was a legend, an artist, and a creative force that effected both the music industry and popular culture in immeasurable ways. He was also a troubled individual who never had a chance to lead a normal life. Like many artists before and after him, his fame cost him his privacy and possibly his sanity. But man if he didn’t make some beautiful music along the way.

To this one of a kind incredible and troubled human being we feel a little tribute is in order. Rest in peace sweet prince. May angels carry you to a happier place.

crowdSPRING’s Chris & Kevin – Tribute to Michael Jackson from Ross Kimbarovsky on Vimeo.