The June cS Award and the May cS Award Winner

Last summer, we announced that we would issue a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

June cS Award

Our reputation system is made up of several components, and is designed to encourage participation, promote quality, nurture community, discourage negative behavior, build loyalty to one another, and to facilitate member search and matching. The cS Award is an important part of this because it serves to encourage our community in all of these ways.

The June cS Award of $1,000 will be given to a new Creative, who joined the site in 2012, and who receives the highest average buyer score for their entries during the month of June. To be eligible, you must participate in at least 5 projects and submit at least 10 entries. In case of a tie, the award will go to the creative who participated in the most projects overall in June.

You do not need to win a project to be eligible for the June award.

Good luck to everyone and keep up the great work!

And now…. the May cS Award Winner….

We are thrilled to announce that the May $1,000 cS award will go to ArtiniBar!

Alex joined crowdSPRING in September of 2010 and regularly participates in both design and naming projects! Since then, she’s submitted work to over 500 projects, been awarded in 10 of those and has built a great portfolio on the site! Alex is a wonderful Creative and is well respected in the community and with our team.

We are proud to have ArtiniBar in our community.

Thanks to everyone who participated in May, and congratulations to ArtiniBar on winning the cS Award!