The February cS Award and the January cS Award Winners!

Back in 2011, we announced a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

The February cS Award

Last month we challenged users to find the best way to brand themselves or their companies. This month we want to continue the idea, but with words instead of pictures. How? We want you to write a short bio for your mySPRING Profile where we ask you to tell us a bit about you in the “About me” section. As we continue working to update Profiles, Portfolios, and Creative Browse, it is important that everyone in the community share this information and this is a great way to do so!

“About me” is an opportunity for you – tell Buyers a bit about your background, your education, your experience, your family, or just the things you like and don’t like. We won’t limit the length of your statement, but we recommend that you keep it to around 300 words or so. This way a Buyer will be more likely to read the entire blurb and learn about you.

Once again, this project is open to everyone  in the community – writers and designers – so, even if you aren’t the world’s greatest writer, no worries. Speak simply and honestly and tell the reader who you are, how you work, and anything else you want to share. We’ll offer five awards to the winners in the project, and your “About me” could land you one of those!

So… the February cS Awards will be given to the 5 Creatives who submit the most engaging and interesting “About me” content! To be eligible, you just need upload at least 1 entry while the project is open. Remember that we are offering 5 awards, so be sure to participate!

Good luck to everyone!

And now…. the January cS Award Winners….

The January cS award offered 5 awards and challenged the community to find the best way to brand themselves or their companies. Entries were required to communicate who the participants is, what they are about, and how their creativity defines them. We accepted logos or brand identities or even short written descriptions about personal brands.

The project was a great success, with 320 Creative participating and sharing their own personal branding! We are excited to announce that the January cS Awards for best Personal Branding will go to these 5 member of the cS community: sicasimada, pixelideas, Saphire, quizas and vassjozsef for their great work! We asked each of them to share their thoughts about their personal brand and their work and those comments are included below!

Award #1 goes to sicasimada who has been a member of our community for since August of 2011, and has participated in 36 projects in that time and been awarded once before. Marius is from Romania and does truly wonderful work.

His comments on the project: “I was always fascinated about design and image. The ink is an important tool of a designer, so I think the squid is a good personal symbol.




pixelideas takes home cS Award #2! Rich lives in the US and has been a crowdSPRING Creative for over 4 years! He has participated in 460 projects in that time and has won 17!

About the personal branding project, Rich said, “it [was] probably time for me to refresh my avatar. So here goes…A pixel formed out of my initials -PI – pixelideas. I wanted it simple and elegant. I wanted it unique. I wanted something that sends the message across…I am a logo designer…I am very creative and proud of my designs…..BTW, proud to be a member of crowdspring – do I get plus points for that??


Personal Branding Award #3 was given to Saphire, who has been working on the site since January, 2010. Diana is a wonderful designer and has participated in 55 projects and has now won 2! Diana lives in Bulgaria and we were excoited to see her newest work! Congrats!

Diana shared some of her thoughts on the project: “My name is Diana Nikolova and i am freelance graphic designer from Bulgaria. For the first time i want to create a logo for myself and also entire branding. You have inspired me to do so. The logo itself represent my first two letters from my names DN i have done the lettering by hand so the logo have got some of my personality.

I want other people to think of me like a gentle and some way romance person. I wanted to add a felling of freedom in artistic matter. The square business cards represent that even when i have some boundaries i can be as creative as possible. The square card also is attractive and the customer will remember it. The logo was made in Illustrator with a tablet.

cS Award #4 goes to quizas. Yet another veteran member of the community – Oscar is from Spain, joined the site in May 2010, and has participated in almost 300 projects! So far, he has won 32 and we’re excited to watch as he keeps up the great work!

Oscar had this to say about his entry, “I think that it’s a good way to represent the creativity (a running faucet). Also, I like the play on words, and I like very much too to pay attention to everyday objects.




Finally, Award #5 went to vassjozsef, who has been a member of our community since December 2008! Vass has participated in 164 projects and has won 9 of those. He lives in Romania and specializes in Logo projects, and we expect him to win many more of! Thanks, Vass!

Vass shared these thoughts with us, “In general I make illustration, so my promotional materials or branding as an illustrator it’s based on the illustrated logo which can be seen above. I use 2 variation of them: – the detailed illustrated logo, were it’s integrated my cartoon portrait with a fantasy flair (an elf look; long hair and sharp ears, and some nature environment: some three branches, and the element most used in my illustrations, a bird) – and the simpler logo, just the typographical variant. 

The detailed illustrated logo, in general I use it for headers (ex. my blog and facebook cover picture), and the typo logo for profile pictures (ex. different portfolio sites, facebook) and if needed on printed materials. This logo I refresh it in different seasons, or in important periods of the year, to remain fresh.