The December cS Award and the November cS Award Winners!

Back in 2011, we announced a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

December cS Award

This month we are hosting a project for the Writers in our community! No, you don’t have to be a professional writer to participate – in fact any Creative who has an idea for a great blog post can enter. We’d like each of you to write a blog post on any topic to help designers or writers. Make it about something that is useful  – it can be about the creative process, or tricks on using software tools, or editing tips for writers, or inspirational ideas or examples for other Creatives – really anything you can think of that would be a great topic of interest to our community of Creatives.

We’re offering five awards to the winners in the project, and your blog post could be one of those!

The December cS Awards will be given to the 5 Creatives who submit the most compelling topics, dazzle us with the best prose, and engage us with the most interesting post!

To be eligible, you must upload in at least 1 blog post while the project is open. We are offering 5 awards, so be sure to participate!

Good luck to everyone!

And now…. the November cS Award Winners….

The November awards were to go to three Creatives who submitted best T-shirt design for the our new official crowdSPRING shirt!  228 members of the community participated and collectively  they submitted 845 entries! Zounds!

There were some fantastic concepts – from artsy to goofy and everything between – and we labored hard to come up with the three best choices. Afer tons of internal debate, multiple rounds of voting, dozens of emails zinging back and forth, the results are in and we have finalized the decisions. So…

We are thrilled to announce that the November cS Awards for T-shirt designs will go to xxx, xxx, and xxx for their wonderful designs!

Award #1 goes to MINeR! Simone is based in Italy, and has been a member of the crowdSPRING community for almost two years now. He has participated in almost 60 projects and has won 4 of those! brg_studio receives Award #2 – Andrei lives in Romania, and has been a member of the site since this past July. He has participated in just 14 projects so far and this T-shirt project is his first win on the site! And finally, Award #s goes to j_k! Aries has been working on the site for exactly one year now and has already participated in almost 100 projects and won 15 of those! He is based in the Indonesia and specializes in designs for T-shirts and other clothing items.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and congratulations to MINeRbrg_studio, and j_k! for their wonderful creativity!