The December cS Award and The November cS Award Winner

Earlier this year, we announced that we would issue a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

December cS Award

This month we want to celebrate the newcomers to crowdSPRING and will give a special cS award to a creative who joined our community in 2011!

So get your computer warmed up and submit your very best work this month; the award will go to the Creative who joined the site in 2011, and receives the highest average buyer score for the month. To be eligible, you must compete in at least 5 projects and submit at least 10 entries for the month.

Good luck everyone  – we’re looking forward to seeing your entries!


And now…. the November cS Award Winner….

We are thrilled to announce that the November $1,000 cS award will go to ballysally!

Sally submitted the winning video to our November challenge – to film and upload (to YouTube) a creative short video (less than 60 seconds) explaining why you love crowdSPRING – which you can see in the player below. Sally has been a part of the crowdSPRING community since shortly after we launched back in May 2008. Since then, she has participated in almost 100 projects and has won 12! Sally comes from Great Britain and we are so pleased to have her working in our community!

Thanks to everyone who participated in November, and congratulations again to ballysally on winning the cS Award!