The Agony of Choosing the Winning Design: Will you get it right?

So it’s time to pick the winning design of your crowdSPRING project. You’ve narrowed it down to the finalists: the best three or four designs. You agonize. Which one should you choose? Well guess what: It doesn’t matter. Whichever design you choose, it’s likely that your customers would choose something different. It happened to me and it’s happened to my clients.

Several months ago Montgomery Chiropractic of Belton, Texas posted a project. The owners of the practice each had their favorite logo design. Dr. Montgomery and his wife decided to let their patients decide. They took their favorites plus a couple of others that employees liked. Then the clinic patients voted. Patients chose the design below and now it’s the new Montgomery Chiropractic logo. But it never would have been chosen if the patients were not involved.

In November, I decided I needed a fresh logo for my company: The Marketing Spot. The project yielded 111 entries on crowdSPRING. I was excited about the possibilities! I had my favorites, but decided that I wanted to crowdsource the logo design all the way. So I got feedback from clients, friends and Twitter connections. Everyone who voiced their opinion got a vote. My favorite design did not win. Instead this one did:

This design wasn’t even on my radar screen during the project. But now it’s my logo and I receive frequent compliments on the new look.

If you’re really going to crowdsource your design, go all the way. Solicit feedback from your customers. Why not let them choose the winner? The final choice doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. Just pick a design and run with it. A year from now you won’t remember all the agony.

Jay Ehret is a small business marketing coach and writes The Marketing Spot blog.