Take control by giving control

For those of you familiar with MySpace, you know users can customize their profiles. The funny part is, MySpace didn’t (until recently) give you many options to do so, especially in the realm of styling. Basically, users get around a lack of personalization by putting styles inline directly into a field it was not intended for.

I recently singed up at a music collaboration site, Kompoz.com. In today’s newsletter they highlighted this problem with user profiles on their own site. Instead of ignoring the problem, or dragging their feet, they were proactive and gave users what they wanted… a field to actually enter custom styles.

At crowdSPRING we go by a similar philosophy. We listen to our users. We take their suggestions and concerns in to account and we try to plan, build and implement features and fixes to address these directly. We are a community site, much like Kompoz, and we rely on people actively using our site. If we don’t provide them the tools they need to be successful, then we aren’t doing our jobs.