Struggling to Generate Good Content? Go Full On Club Kid

Ah, college. Those were the days, weren’t they? Our first real taste of freedom. New friends. New Experiences. More down time than we could appreciate in the moment. And oh, the parties. The glorious, glorious parties.

I’m not talking about the keggers at the local frat house or the regularly scheduled Friday night beer pong. I’m talking about the themed parties. Those were always the best. They had all the ingredients of a regular party, but they boasted something extra: creativity.

Anyone can run to the mall and pick out a killer outfit. But assembling the perfect Club Kid ensemble? That took skill. A selfie is a selfie is a selfie, but add in glitter, wings, and theatrical makeup and you’ve got the makings of a masterpiece. And while it’s definitely easier to pick up a bag of ice, stack up red solo cups, put out some cheap bottles of booze, and throw on some music, it doesn’t guarantee your event will be memorable. No, themed bashes ruled supreme.




Maybe our bodies aren’t ready to relive the all night blowouts of our youth, but this walk down memory lane serves a purpose. Because much like a theme could turn your party from run of the mill to talk of the town, incorporating themes into your marketing plans can help revitalize a stagnant brand experience.

Let’s be real for a second: marketing is impossibly difficult in the age of the internet. It’s no longer just about having the right TV spot or ad campaign in a magazine. You’ve got to churn out quality content that satisfies the gods of SEO, relevance, and fickle interests to make things work, and you’ve got to do it consistently. That’s no easy feat.

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So it’s understandable if you find yourself blanking on what to do next every now and then. But if you find yourself struggling and your audience yawning, make like a sorority with dwindling social status and throw yourself a themed marketing bash.

What do we mean? Let’s say we’re talking about September. What happens in September? Well, for starters, everyone is back in school. What if you themed your marketing efforts around education in some way, shape, or form?

You could be an investment firm and launch a month-long crash course on asset allocation — leveraging email, content, social, and web design in the campaign. You could be an independent book publisher and offer an alternative fiction syllabus consisting of some of your latest and greatest novels — making lists on Amazon, blasting your prior customers, and running an ad campaign on Facebook. You could be a life coach and provide a month-long seminar package that focus on learning and growth — using a trial of sorts to hook potential customers moving forward.

In other words, pick a theme and host a month-long marketing party around that concept. The possibilities here are endless, and the strategy yields two unique benefits.

For starters, it’s a great way to give your marketing the kick in the pants it needs. Pulling great ideas for content out of thin air without any sense of direction can be a challenge, but if your brainstorming revolves around a specific theme, you’re more likely to come up with really creative and out of the box concepts. If this strategy is executed on a semi-regular basis, you put yourself in a great position to deliver a consistently surprising and exemplary brand experience.

But beyond that, it’s also way more engaging in terms of audience interaction. If your brand is constantly building excitement — inviting people to participate in the latest party — you’re more likely to see the sorts of engagement you strive for on a day to day basis.

So go for it! Have your brand plan a party! All the cool kids are doing it.

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