Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…

So a guy walks into crowdSPRING…

…that’s all I’ve got so far. Still working on it.

Greetings and salutations, crowdSPRINGERs! Kevin DeLury here, doing all the new guy stuff that new guys are wont to.

So far my time here has consisted of scuttlework: scrubbing the floors, polishing ping pong balls and re-doing the grip tape on the paddles. Jerome insists it’s a normal part of the job, but I’m not entirely convinced. Also, I get the sneaking suspicion he’s French.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to getting to know you folks out there and help with any questions you may have. But now I need your help. See, Jerome has his handle as “The French Guy” (there’s that sneaking suspicion again), Jaclyn got the moniker “Snow White” and I…well, I got nothing.

In the spirit of the community, I’m asking you fine folks to name me, as it were. I can only be “The New Guy” for so long before I’m, er…uh…not.  So let’s get to naming!

Interview with crowdSPRING’s Kevin DeLury from Ross Kimbarovsky on Vimeo.