Five Tips For Startups And Small Businesses To Improve Their Customer Service

A few days ago, Gary Vaynerchuk and I exchanged a few thoughts on Twitter about customer service. Gary wrote the following:

There’s much truth to Gary’s statement. Real relationships are nearly always  better (and more important) than customer service.

But what is a “real relationship”? Some think that real relationships are possible only offline, with your closest friends. Others believe that you can have real relationships online or offline.

Moreover, there’s a big difference between great customer service and poor customer service. As we all know, some companies excel in providing great customer service while others prefer to spend as little time and money as possible on customer service. In fact, a poor reputation for customer service has even forced large companies to completely change their branding. The difference between great and poor customer service is not unimportant.

Here’s how I responded to Gary:

I believe that you can create real relationships through great customer service. In fact, I’m happy to count among my friends people whom I met through crowdSPRING.

World class customer service is one way that crowdSPRING has differentiated itself in the marketplace. Our commitment to customer service has made us the most trusted and largest online marketplace for crowdsourced creative services. It is one key reason that 65,000 graphic, web and industrial designers and writers work on crowdSPRING, helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups from over 75 countries with logo design, web design, custom graphic design, company names, product names, and other design and copywriting projects.

Startups and small businesses must find ways to differentiate from their competitors and to understand their competitive advantages. For many companies, especially in very competitive industries, customer service is one of the most important competitive advantages.

In the following video, I offer five tips to help your startup or small business improve your company’s customer service.

Can you suggest other tips for companies who want to provide world class customer service to their customers?